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Going Social

June 27, 2010 Leave a comment

My Druid is finally 80, I have to say that now I’m not suffering from “OOMitis” and “tooscaredtocastStarfallbecausealltankssuckitis” I feel a lot happier with playing Boomkin, the only thing I’m struggling with is the whole Eclipse mechanic, or more specifically, how to get the ball rolling the very first proc. It seems like a very luck based class, if I don’t crit then I don’t win, effectively. I’m going to main spec as Resto, but I’m running instances as Boomkin because it’s: a) more fun; b) easier to slack since a bad DPS isn’t going to let down the group with just “low numbers”.

I’ve given up full time raiding again, because I don’t have the time or commitment, because this is the seventh month that Icecrown Citadel has been out and because there’s nothing new at all. There’s only so many times I can hear “BOOOOOOOOOONESTOOOOOOOOOORM” or the likes from some of the awfully voice acted bosses there and even the thought of downing the Lich King (which we haven’t, even with a 25% buff, though I don’t think we’ve had a raid since it came out due to lack of attendance) isn’t enough to inspire me. I’m going to go back to my happy go lucky lifestyle of dipping into PuGs when I feel like it, and not when the guild has a slot open. I’ll probably stick to ten mans for a bit, just to find my Resto feet, since I’m still not comfortable with Druid healing (how hard can spamming Rejuve be?) and go from there. Hopefully Cataclysm is closer than we think and we can ditch ICC for a considerable amount of time more (at least until Bolvar makes an uninspired return a la cliche style).

I’m going to try find one of those scrubby little casual guilds on my Druid, because I have four characters in Wrath of Wisdom and sometimes I fancy a change. It’ll also give me less reason to raid, or if I do, the knowledge that raids are probably only going to last a couple of hours at most, rather than a three hour slog of what feels more like a job than a hobby.

The only thing I’m not looking forward to now is the emblem grind to get another two specs geared up. Oh. Joy.



June 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Pretty sure I should be looking for a summer job and trying to keep a roof over my head for the next four months until I get more wonderful student loans, but instead I’ve decided to start playing Arcticious, my now level 72 Druid again. Been playing Resto, the problem is in the month or so that I haven’t really played him I’ve forgotten everything, and I’ve had a few near misses (and indeed, a few dead tanks) recently as I picked up everything from seemingly scratch again, but I’m back into the swing of things. I really don’t feel like leveling through Northrend for the fifth time so I might just dungeon spam my way to 80, it’s slower but Arcticious usually sits AFK for so long between plays that I’m always sitting on top of rested experience.

Sincraft is the same at the minute, I’m not too worried about leveling him in Northrend since I’m still not quite over my love for Killing Spree and whatnot, and I actually enjoy PvPing with him from time to time so that gives me an opportunity to break up questing with something fun. Not sure how the Northrend dungeons will go down, there seems to be quite a lot of lazy AoE pulls and without a reasonable AoE ability (I hardly consider Blade Flurry an AoE ability compared to something like Hurricane or Starfall) I’ll feel quite left behind, especially as people start paying attention to things like DPS and activity in later levels (whereas I could get away with it in Outlands).

I had a rather enjoyable raid with Wrath of Wisdom today, we did ICC25 from scratch (with the new 20% buff) and got through nine of the bosses, resulting in me getting quite a haul of reasonable gear:

  • Tier 10 leggings and a Tier token to up them to 264.
  • Two new rings, the Exalted Ashen Verdict ring and a Lady Deathwhisper (keep thinking Deathstrike because I’ve been obsessing over Marvel lately, stop that!)
  • Two offspec pieces, primarily Nibelung and some 264 legs from one of the Plague bosses (I forget which).

The problem now is that I’m exceptionally short of money again, I had around 2k across all of my characters, which has dwindled to a horrendous 300g due to the excessively overpriced enchants I’ve had to buy. Oh well, the price I pay for having an offspec, I suppose.

I was feeling relatively enthusiastic for this raid, I don’t know why, perhaps I was just in a good mood generally, but it didn’t seem to drag anywhere near as much as usual (wiping for three hours on content that we should have realistically walked all over two buffs ago is a bit of a downer). Only two Holy Priests in today, I got to stretch my legs because of that, though we still seem quite heavily off-balance in favor of HoTers, so I’m expectantly waiting on Sintharia’s return to fix the balance again. I have to say, recruiting a third Holy Priest when we only have two (or even one) of every other class of healer seems a bit awkward, just because we don’t really synthesize well in a raiding environment, and I feel like perhaps it’s my fault for stepping down on Totem, but on the other hand, when I did we only had one Holy Priest (Naytha) anyway, since the other one had gone AWOL (and still is?). On the other hand I guess it’s a good thing too, because it eases the need for me to attend three times a week, we can cycle a Priest in and out whenever, and I can take some time out if I want to without detrimenting everybody else.

It’s 3 AM GMT and I’m sitting on Sincraft waiting for a BG to pop up, even if just to Ambush some clothie then Alt-F4. I should sleep, really, but meh. No rush. I have all summer.

Mirror, Mirror

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

So I’m hoping anybody with a brain will have read the new blue post that was quite nicely summarized on MMO-Champion as:

  • 10-Man and 25-Man raids will share the same lockout.
  • 10-Man and 25-Man raids difficulty will be as close as possible to each other.
  • 10-Man and 25-Man raids will drop the exact same loot, but 25-man will drop a higher quantity of items.
  • Normal versus Heroic mode will be chosen on a per-boss basis in Cataclysm raids, the same way it works in Icecrown Citadel
  • For the first few raid tiers, our plan is to provide multiple smaller raids. Instead of one raid with eleven bosses, you might have a five-boss raid as well as a six-boss raid.

Personally, after seeing the end-game depression that we’re sliding into now, I don’t mind the change. People are complaining that it will ‘kill’ 25 man raiding for good and yes, it might well do, but I highly doubt it. Some guilds thrive on 25 man raiding, Wrath of Wisdom is one of them. Plus, you get rewarded for playing 25 man with extra loot/gold/badges per person, which offsets that extra hassle of having to co-ordinate 15 extra people.

The shared lockout isn’t a bad idea, I spend far too much time on this game and when I have to run the same raid four times a week across two characters (more when I get some more to 80, undoubtedly) I get sick to my stomach thinking about when I have to do it next, it’s just that drab. Knowing that I can slip into a 10 or25 man raid whenever and only have to do one or the other is a comfort because it means I can spend time doing other things, like non-Warcraft things. As if that would ever happen.

Multiple smaller raids is something I want to raise a very curious eyebrow at, since we’ve all seen what happens with these kinds of raids, yes, I’m talking Trial of the Crusader all over again. And possibly worse. As long as we don’t get some near-unheard of character calling shots for the whole expansion again by having a carnival with random monsters he’s managed to ‘slip into his giant Paladin Pok├ęball’ I guess it can’t quite be as bad as ToC, but smaller raids means less epicness on a grand scale. I quite liked walking into Naxx knowing I had to kill hordes of filthy Scourge, I didn’t quite like walking into ToC knowing I only had to kill 5 things then go AFK for the rest of the 9 hours per week raiding period. If anything, they should take note from Ulduar, yes it was huge but it was also epic, the scenery changed and it was like multiple raids glued into one big clusterfuck of awesome.

The whole raid changes for Cataclysm felt significant enough for me to make a note of, though it’s a fairly underwhelming post. Overall I’m happy as long as they don’t make it into the next Blizzard Carnival of Captured Crap and Loreless Nobodies, though I would quite like to see some ‘epic proportion’ raids again too. And I’m not talking copying and pasting Molten Core with higher level mobs either.

On a personal note, I’ve kind of found Wrath of Wisdom a replacement Restoration Shaman, which is good news because it means I have more of a chance to move to my Priest. I spoke to Esmi yesterday during her first raid back for two and a half weeks, and she said we were short of Priests anyway, and that she wouldn’t mind changing her recruiting around to see if we could get another Restoration Shaman instead, though hopefully I’ve beaten her to it. We’ll see how it goes, now isn’t the best time to be throwing things like this around, what with two officers on vacation and another officer effectively giving me the “I have better things to do than talk to you” finger, so I’ll probably press the issue in a couple of weeks on our next round of lockouts.

Healing Stupid

April 25, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a post I’ve tried to hold off for as long as I can with writing, partly because it’s a cliche post that every single healer should make therefore I shouldn’t screw it up, and partly because I’ve not hit any rut in my gameplay that’s made me think “yes, this is enough to set me off on a healing rant”.

With that in mind, I just have to say one thing, from the perspective of every single healing class ingame: IT IS NOT MY JOB TO HEAL STUPID. You go stand in that fire, or void zone, or Cleave, or Whirlwind. You get those charity heals that I shouldn’t have to give out. No no don’t thank me for saving your ass from something you could have prevented. It’s fine. Keep standing there. Dying. Oh and when you corpse run, don’t blame me.

A bit long for a catchphrase, but that sums up every thought of every healer on the planet.

I ran Gundrak today with a Protection Warrior, a Shadow Priest, a Destruction Warlock and a Rogue of some variety. This was on my Shaman, who should be so overgeared here that I shouldn’t ever need more than Riptide to keep five people alive. As it happens, I was unpleasantly wrong, and the whole instance was me spamming every spell I had to keep people up.

  • Protection Warrior, let’s call him Bob, if he’d said “this is my first time tanking, ever” I would not have been surprised. Agro was all over the shot, people taking hits, even I got agro from Riptiding on a couple of occasions.
  • Shadow Priest, pulling with Mind Flay when the tank wasn’t ready, and a general “gogogo”er from the start. A firm reminder that him being a DPS meant that he didn’t choose the pace set him in his place.
  • Destruction Warlock, on follow on the Shadow Priest for half of the instance, didn’t bother DPSing at all on the first and second boss, did about half the DPS of the next guy. Only on the last boss did he manage to wake up for long enough to scream “HERO HERO” after I’d already used it, then told me I needed to learn to use my skills.
  • Rogue DPS spec #54897, I don’t care, they use pointy things and stab stuff, took two Poison Novas on the first boss and then cried when I told him to corpse run because I was in combat and unable to Res him.

Overall it was a pretty shocking group. Gundrak comes with its fair share of bad stuff to stand in by default, Mojo Puddles, Snake Wraps, Poison Novas, Whirlwinds, blah.

People can afford to get away with it though, due to Blizzard’s ‘all or nothing’ design of damage taking. Poison Nova does (even now) enough damage over its duration to completely erase a DPS’s health bar, and if I’m Snake Wrapped (which I was) then you’re going to die. In this case, I’d like to add, he did. Because every healing class has enough mana to pretty much spam their best heal for a boss fight and only just run OOM (or not) by the end of a boss fight , people assume that they’re going to get a heal and then when they don’t, they blame the healer for not healing.

Cataclysm, I’m so sincerely hoping, will be a lot different. When I have to make the choice between healing a stupid DPS who stands in Poison Nova and potentially running OOM, or not healing the stupid DPS and save my mana for the tank, then people will have less reason to complain. Right now I can only act on my moral high ground, come to my blog and effectively curl up and cry with my ranting, because Blizzard almost expects us to heal the stupid that their stupid encounters and mechanics have created. Call me pedantic but depending on how aggressively you chase the chain of causation, the very fact that Blizzard have plagued the game with encounters all focused on “DPS or Berserk” have lead DPS in this expansion to become tunnel visioned, not capable of dodging fire and poison because their DPS might suffer. Hopefully come Cataclysm, there won’t be as many ‘all or nothing’ encounters for people to tunnel vision on, and people might once again start using abilities that are helpful, not just wasting the mobs as fast as possible in the most damage-soaking way possible.

I don’t feel like I’ve really done this whole rant justice. I’ve used one dungeon example and picked on four players to get to what I really wanted to say, that it’s not my fucking job to heal you when you’re being a ‘tard.

When half of the damage in an instance is completely avoidable, and you’re not avoiding it, you’re being horribly irresponsible to the group in general. When Cataclysm hits in all its fake glory and broken promises, and my mana is precious, then after a few repair bills you might understand that all that time during Wrath when I was “playing God” and “not healing you because I could”, it was for your own damn good.

Healing is a force for good. You’re souring it by acting like a billy idiot. Bob idiot. Whatever.

I’m Actually Vegetarian

April 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Not Exactly World First - Doesn't Make It Any Less Awesome

Yeah, we’re quite late with this one but it’s taken a good three weeks (with the 10% buff) to finally get down the Blood Sucking Harlet, meaning only two more bosses to go until we can start working on the Heroic versions of each. Screenshot of the actual kill is linked to the above image, including my rather cluttered UI (I like it, who cares what you think). A short post really, I was going to do one for Putricide, but compared to BQL he’s actually a pushover so I’m glad I saved it. We had a few tries on Sindragosa too, not exactly the most thrilling of bosses but we’ll get her down within a week I’m sure.

I’ve been on an alt spam lately, my Priest is level 16 and my Rogue is level 12, both are a bit of fun to play from time to time, though I’m tempted to just name/race change Pendulus save me having to level a Priest to 80 all over again. Rogues are such a daunting class, three trees that all serve the same purpose – to DPS – all with entirely different ways to do it and if I pick the wrong tree then BAM, I’ll look rather silly. At the minute I have so few talent points that it’s not a problem anyway, but for somebody who’s not a melee-lover it’s just a bit of a confusing decision as to which is best and why and blah. Even more annoying when people won’t refer to the trees by their names or even by their talents, you don’t hear people asking me to go Penance Priest or Beacon Paladin, so why would I want to be a Mutilate Rogue? Nitpicking, yes, but it’s just unhelpful when I’m lost enough as it is.

I’ve been watching one of our Holy Priests today, and the healing output is crippled compared to everybody else. We have Paladins on top as usual, and Druids/Shamans tying for the next three spots, then a Holy Priest right at the bottom with barely 5k HPS output (and a third of that overhealing). What I don’t get is that why either: 1) nobody has spoken to them about it in the past; or 2) why they haven’t noticed it themselves. Nobody can claim to not have recount, that’s like most people claiming they don’t look at GS, it’s bullshit because they clearly do even if only to brag about their 6k. And yes, I’m well aware that recount isn’t the do all and end all of healing, but if you’re slipping behind with 3.5 EHPS compared to the rest of the group pulling 6-7k EHPS then surely you’re going to consider why.

It’s a bit of a trial and error thing, every Priest is going to have Prayer of Mending and Circle of Healing as their baseline spells, and then they’re going to fill in with either Flash Heal, Prayer of Healing or Renew. Surely then, the filling in spell varies between situations. A fight like Saurfang where there’s not much AoE, then you’ll probably just throw a few Flash Heals around to snipe people up after Boiling Blood or whatnot. A fight like Festergut with a predictable AoE would be prime for Prayer of Healing. A fight like BQL or Sindragosa with a steady ticking aura, then, surely is the best place to throw Renews around.

We spent the whole night doing the latter two, BQL and Sindragosa, and the whole fight consisted of Prayer of Healing spam. The problem is, we already had two Shamans popping Chain Heal for the ‘immediate’ healing, but only one Druid doing HoTs. So then, where would a Holy Priest find 2.6 seconds of cast to throw out yet another immediate heal to compete with the spam of green Jesus Beams already flying everywhere. Surely a steady ticking of ten or so Renews rolling around would suit an aura-based fight so much better, rather than just rolling into overhealing. That on top of the fact that Prayer of Healing is the most horribly mana squishy spell ever means a smoother, more mana efficient healing.

I’m just musing because I can. I was going to ask Slater about the possibility to changing my Shaman out so I could play my Priest again, the problem is that somebody beat me to it. Nagarjun’s Hunter has been switched out for his Warrior, and I highly doubt the officers are going to want to make two switches in a day. That on top of the fact that a switch will only be made “if it suits the guild”. My Shaman is a ‘needed’ part of the healing team, more so than any Priest, and until it isn’t, having a main change is going to be nigh impossible. Either I need to really start sucking, or I need to find a replacement so I can effectively ‘step down’ and reapply on a new character. Ugh. Effort.


April 21, 2010 2 comments

So not so much a WoW blog as a real life blog, I mentioned recently that my computer was having a few issues with running Warcraft, and that I was taking a step back from raiding until I could get it fixed. What with it being my depressingly void 21st Birthday on Monday, I got a bit of spare cash to buy the parts I wanted. Bought an extra 4GB of RAM, a second monitor (obviously not needed to run Warcraft, but at least now I have an excuse to watch the DVDs I borrow) and Windows 7 (which I’m backing up files ready to install as I type this).

I did a raid on Monday (I got the parts that day) and managed to get through the whole thing with every graphical setting known to man on max without a single crash, error or even screen stutter. Better yet, I managed to do some pretty nifty healing, as much as Lhuranan anyway, so I presume that I have my mojo back once again. Not sure I’ll be able to do tonight, depending on how long 7 takes to do, but I’m in no hurry, I did say I’d be gone until this Friday and I’m under the impression that I won’t be docked DKP for skipping until that point (conversely, I’m under the impression that I won’t be given DKP for Monday’s raid since I wasn’t meant to be there).

I made a new Priest ready for Cataclysm, Telyth. Level 16 at the minute, the grind to 15 (and the ability to use LFG) wasn’t too bad, though I thought that Westfall was a bit quest-starved, but maybe that’s just me. I’m playing as Discipline for a change, I leveled as Holy last time so I’m going to mix things up a bit, maybe change to Shadow later on (I’ve been playing Shadow since 3.0.3, I know how it works). I’m also planning on reviving my Discipline Priest guide, as well as drafting up a shiny new Holy Priest guide, see if I can get a bit of interest on those. Hoping Esmi might run over the Disc one to double-check I’m not talking rubbish, since she’s the authority there, and I’m pretty sure I can write Holy from experience alone.

Something really bothered me yesterday though, I was in my first ever LFG on Telyth, with a Rogue, Warrior and Hunter, (the Paladin tank had left already). The Rogue would Sap mobs every now and again (usually the casters), but other DPS would just break it by targeting that mob directly. All I did was make an idle comment of “if the Rogue Saps it, there’s no need to DPS it right away”, and the Rogue turns around and tell me to “shut the fuck up”, followed by a stream of abuse about how I owe him for saving my life (I had mobs on me, he pulled them off me, I didn’t ask him to), and that I know nothing about the game and that I’m a “low life” “retard” “noob” who needs to (again) “shut the fuck up”. Now, I’m so weathered to this sort of abuse that I just shrug it off and carry on dungeoning, the problem was that it’s not the usual sort of abuse, especially when it’s unprovoked. If I were a run of the mill level 15, first character, never played WoW before and had no idea what I was doing, comments like that would just make me want to curl up and never play WoW again, that’s how negative I felt afterwards. I immediately filed a ticket about it, and a few hours later (inconveniently during our Marrowgar 10 attempt, which caused me to have sucky healing for him and Deathwhisper while I chatted) a GM popped up and asked me about the character in question. I gave the name and a synopsis of what had happened, and the GM vanished saying “he’d fix it” but “I couldn’t know about the outcome because it wasn’t really any of my business”. Now, in the real world, somebody mugs me and I’m more than welcome to sit in the public gallery to hear his sentence. Why can’t I find out if the Rogue got a similar punishment?

We know this story anyway. He’ll get a slap on the wrist, and that’s it. No suspension, the GM won’t bother doing anything at all other than sending a macro’d “be nice” mail to him, and the world will keep turning and he’ll keep being an ass. I don’t mind, I’m not some self-righteous sword of justice wanting to bring redemption upon his head, I just thought it was a bit of a stupid thing to say.

Speaking of negative players, Sheepless recruited a Warrior DPS yesterday (by the name of Yoshi (stupid letter accents included if I knew how to type them)) who immediately gained a less than favorable response from the guild. Njevarfu, Tomjones and Yaoigirl all messaged me within 10 minutes of each other saying how they’d taken a dislike to him and how immature he was. Now, I was polite as usual and hey, until he’s shown his real stuff (he might be the next Slater, or better; conversely he might be the next Edicia) I don’t want to judge him, so I stayed friendly, though apparently I shouldn’t have because Tomjones is now using me as some sort of ‘question funnel’, making me ask the questions that he either can’t be bothered to or just doesn’t have the nerve to. Age, old guild history, play time, the usual suspects, though I can’t help feel a little bit distasteful towards the conduct. It’s fair to say that perhaps TJ or Slater should have done the recruiting interview (since they’re the Warrior class buffs), but on the other hand it’s also fair to say that TJ should be able to ask the questions he wants in the open without needing to masquerade behind another player. It just makes me feel a bit ‘bleh’ about being used, it left a bitter aftertaste that I didn’t even get a “thanks” for my time afterwards either, it’s not my job to do it and I did it anyway.

Anyway. Bitchiness asides, I really shouldn’t whine about officers because I know that both Sheepless and Esmi read this. On the other hand, my blog, my rules, I did warn them before they read it, so whatever.

I’ve got another 20 minutes of file backups (moving them to my netbook while I wipe my desktop) to do, then my flatmate and I are heading to Maplins to spend some more money on computer parts. Hopefully I’ll be all sorted by the time I have to raid this evening, but if the case is that I’m not, then it’s not a big deal, Wednesday signups are usually massive anyway, free badges and stuff, and my attendance isn’t expected anyway.


April 14, 2010 Leave a comment

I love how Blizzard want to give healers their own ‘niche’, when really all they’ve done for Cataclysm is turn them into the same class with different icons and armors. Priests, Paladins and Shamans all have three primary heals: a fast cast and mana inefficient heal; a go-to heal for all occasions; and a big hitting and mana inefficient heal.

Shamans are the new Druids, with AoEs out of every orifice, but maintaining some slither of tank healing. Priests are the new Shamans, with roles in everything thanks to Chakra. Druids are still Druids, with an “oh shit” button. Paladins are just… I have no idea. Take this quote for example, directly from a blue post found on MMO-Champion:

We want paladins to be slightly more interchangeable with other healers. In Cataclysm, you should be able to have a Holy priest on the tank and a Holy paladin on the raid.

No. No no no. I’m all for giving Paladins a bit of oomph in the AoE arena just because that means we might be able to do Halls of Reflection without having to mash my Holy Light button on one target at a time and hope that it works. Instead Blizzard have gone too far the other way, they’ve not only changed Beacon around so much that it now looks like more of a chore to maintain than a help, but to imply that they’re potentially better raid healers than a Holy Priest? Pah.

It seems to me that every class now has a ‘raid’ and ‘tank’ healing ability, and the whole homogenization thing is only furthered by the fact that every talent tree has near identical masteries (add a HoT, heal more if they’re low, add another HoT, and maybe another HoT), so now the only difference between healers is how pretty the skills look.

  • Flash Heal, Flash of Light, Lesser Healing Wave, Nourish(?) are all the quick identically mana inefficient heals.
  • Heal, Holy Light, Healing Wave, no idea of the Druid spell, but they’re all the identical go-to heals.
  • Greater Heal, HOLYLIGHTMOTHERFUCKINGHOLYHOLYLIGHT (new Paladin talent for Holy), Greater Healing Wave, Healing Touch are all the powerful but identically mana inefficient heals.

Perhaps I’m musing over nothing, I think it’s nice that some classes have a bit more power to vary their roles (ever been in a ten man with two raid healers only to find that your group has recruited a third raid healer?), but they should at least have some niches. And they really don’t have that many as they are, so why change them?

  • Tank Healer: Paladin, perhaps Shaman.
  • Raid Healer: Druid, Holy Priest, perhaps Shaman.
  • Raid Migitation: Discipline Priest.

There are only three roles. The only healer that hasn’t been turned into an idle clone right now is the Discipline healer, who’s only “still going” because they can bubble and no other healer really can. Holy can do everything, Paladin can do everything, Druid can do everything, Shaman can do everything. Even the only thing that really made the Shaman that desirable has been given to Mages. I don’t understand why they’re adamant that “take the player not the class” can still stand when they go sharing some skills but not others. Where’s my Rebirth for my Shaman, or my Divine Sacrifice for my Priest, or my Guardian Spirit for my Paladin (oh wait, Guardian of the Ancient Kings pretty much covers that in a different-but-similar way), instead you go giving my Paladin Wild Growth, my Shaman Tranquility, my Holy Priest epic tank healz and to top it off, you go telling Discipline that “shielding isn’t always the answer”, so what, another Holy Priest except with different buttons to mash?

I’m fine with the Cataclysm changes, really I am. Shamans got some good stuff, Priests got some excellent stuff, Paladins got some cop-out stuff, Druids got some… same stuff (i.e. nothing new). The fact that healers now have to be mana smart, and that my HoTs can crit and be hasted more than make up for the dribble that was the Paladin release and some of the less-thought-through changes like Life Grip, but I like to have my musing and whining, just to look back in a couple of years and say “yeah, god that was a stupid thing to muse about” or “I was so right about these changes”.

I’m leaning on my Priest rather heavily at the minute as my favorite for Cataclysm. Holy looks pretty awesome, it’s versatile and I get all of my favorite skills made even better (Renew critting, holy shit about time), and Disc might be okay depending on how the shielding changes are made and how much more ‘favorable’ healing might be versus shielding. I still have a few months to make up my mind, so I’ll probably lean another way in a couple of weeks, I should probably keep a tally chart and just see which way I’ve leaned the most until release. Yeah, let’s do that:

Shaman: 1
Druid: 1
Priest: 1
Paladin: 0