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April 21, 2010 2 comments

So not so much a WoW blog as a real life blog, I mentioned recently that my computer was having a few issues with running Warcraft, and that I was taking a step back from raiding until I could get it fixed. What with it being my depressingly void 21st Birthday on Monday, I got a bit of spare cash to buy the parts I wanted. Bought an extra 4GB of RAM, a second monitor (obviously not needed to run Warcraft, but at least now I have an excuse to watch the DVDs I borrow) and Windows 7 (which I’m backing up files ready to install as I type this).

I did a raid on Monday (I got the parts that day) and managed to get through the whole thing with every graphical setting known to man on max without a single crash, error or even screen stutter. Better yet, I managed to do some pretty nifty healing, as much as Lhuranan anyway, so I presume that I have my mojo back once again. Not sure I’ll be able to do tonight, depending on how long 7 takes to do, but I’m in no hurry, I did say I’d be gone until this Friday and I’m under the impression that I won’t be docked DKP for skipping until that point (conversely, I’m under the impression that I won’t be given DKP for Monday’s raid since I wasn’t meant to be there).

I made a new Priest ready for Cataclysm, Telyth. Level 16 at the minute, the grind to 15 (and the ability to use LFG) wasn’t too bad, though I thought that Westfall was a bit quest-starved, but maybe that’s just me. I’m playing as Discipline for a change, I leveled as Holy last time so I’m going to mix things up a bit, maybe change to Shadow later on (I’ve been playing Shadow since 3.0.3, I know how it works). I’m also planning on reviving my Discipline Priest guide, as well as drafting up a shiny new Holy Priest guide, see if I can get a bit of interest on those. Hoping Esmi might run over the Disc one to double-check I’m not talking rubbish, since she’s the authority there, and I’m pretty sure I can write Holy from experience alone.

Something really bothered me yesterday though, I was in my first ever LFG on Telyth, with a Rogue, Warrior and Hunter, (the Paladin tank had left already). The Rogue would Sap mobs every now and again (usually the casters), but other DPS would just break it by targeting that mob directly. All I did was make an idle comment of “if the Rogue Saps it, there’s no need to DPS it right away”, and the Rogue turns around and tell me to “shut the fuck up”, followed by a stream of abuse about how I owe him for saving my life (I had mobs on me, he pulled them off me, I didn’t ask him to), and that I know nothing about the game and that I’m a “low life” “retard” “noob” who needs to (again) “shut the fuck up”. Now, I’m so weathered to this sort of abuse that I just shrug it off and carry on dungeoning, the problem was that it’s not the usual sort of abuse, especially when it’s unprovoked. If I were a run of the mill level 15, first character, never played WoW before and had no idea what I was doing, comments like that would just make me want to curl up and never play WoW again, that’s how negative I felt afterwards. I immediately filed a ticket about it, and a few hours later (inconveniently during our Marrowgar 10 attempt, which caused me to have sucky healing for him and Deathwhisper while I chatted) a GM popped up and asked me about the character in question. I gave the name and a synopsis of what had happened, and the GM vanished saying “he’d fix it” but “I couldn’t know about the outcome because it wasn’t really any of my business”. Now, in the real world, somebody mugs me and I’m more than welcome to sit in the public gallery to hear his sentence. Why can’t I find out if the Rogue got a similar punishment?

We know this story anyway. He’ll get a slap on the wrist, and that’s it. No suspension, the GM won’t bother doing anything at all other than sending a macro’d “be nice” mail to him, and the world will keep turning and he’ll keep being an ass. I don’t mind, I’m not some self-righteous sword of justice wanting to bring redemption upon his head, I just thought it was a bit of a stupid thing to say.

Speaking of negative players, Sheepless recruited a Warrior DPS yesterday (by the name of Yoshi (stupid letter accents included if I knew how to type them)) who immediately gained a less than favorable response from the guild. Njevarfu, Tomjones and Yaoigirl all messaged me within 10 minutes of each other saying how they’d taken a dislike to him and how immature he was. Now, I was polite as usual and hey, until he’s shown his real stuff (he might be the next Slater, or better; conversely he might be the next Edicia) I don’t want to judge him, so I stayed friendly, though apparently I shouldn’t have because Tomjones is now using me as some sort of ‘question funnel’, making me ask the questions that he either can’t be bothered to or just doesn’t have the nerve to. Age, old guild history, play time, the usual suspects, though I can’t help feel a little bit distasteful towards the conduct. It’s fair to say that perhaps TJ or Slater should have done the recruiting interview (since they’re the Warrior class buffs), but on the other hand it’s also fair to say that TJ should be able to ask the questions he wants in the open without needing to masquerade behind another player. It just makes me feel a bit ‘bleh’ about being used, it left a bitter aftertaste that I didn’t even get a “thanks” for my time afterwards either, it’s not my job to do it and I did it anyway.

Anyway. Bitchiness asides, I really shouldn’t whine about officers because I know that both Sheepless and Esmi read this. On the other hand, my blog, my rules, I did warn them before they read it, so whatever.

I’ve got another 20 minutes of file backups (moving them to my netbook while I wipe my desktop) to do, then my flatmate and I are heading to Maplins to spend some more money on computer parts. Hopefully I’ll be all sorted by the time I have to raid this evening, but if the case is that I’m not, then it’s not a big deal, Wednesday signups are usually massive anyway, free badges and stuff, and my attendance isn’t expected anyway.


Losing the Will

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I’ve heard of the pre-expansion depression but I’ve never actually felt it, since Wrath was my first expansion and I apparently missed the whole downer at the end of TBC. It’s like, you’re driving a Prius and you’re told that you’re getting a Jag, but only in a few months. The Prius just feels shitty after that.

I only really enjoy raiding and playing with Veir nowadays. Logging in to do some chatting with the guild is fine, and I don’t mind flying mindlessly around maps farming Ores and hoping I get some decent money from it, but there’s just nothing exceptional anymore. Icecrown Citadel is losing its charm very fast, I’ve seen all the boss fights and I’ve done most of them, and I just don’t feel inspired anymore. My Shaman is fully geared up minus perhaps a weapon, so there’s nothing to improve upon there until we get to Heroic fights. My Priest really needs the gearing up but nowadays I just don’t feel like doing ICC10 and I don’t particularly want to PuG 25. My Paladin is losing charm too, tanking isn’t what I enjoy doing and I’m sick of Holy. I’ve got one of every class except Rogue and Mage, and I really don’t feel like burning one of my new class choices until I can level through all of the new Cataclysm content.

I’m not burning out, I’m still playing and doing my dailies and stuff, and my shiny new mount makes me love flying idly around Dalaran or herbing or mining, I guess really I’m just bored without raiding, which I can’t do until next week. The raids bore me, but when I’m running with twenty four other people, some of whom I compete with on a friendly basis and some of whom I just want nothing more than to impress, I can overcome the repetitive content because it’s still entertaining, and I quite miss out Ventrilo conversation that usually end up turning into Gnoor bashing or general sillyness.

Blizzard keeps releasing more and more Cataclysm goodies, and I’m not sure what to do with them, it’s the carrot dangling on the stick just longer than my arm and I want it. I’m aware that nothing content-wise is going to entertain me in Wrath, not now I’ve seen how much awesome joy is to come, so I need to find something to do that’ll inspire me for long enough to play. The guild really is it at the minute, though I feel awkward saying that because I also sound like I’m playing just for the guild, which isn’t true.

It’s complicated. Everybody’s feeling a little blue, but I’ll keep playing WoW no matter what, whether I’m in a guild or not and whether I have friends or not, it’s just what I do. I fly around, I farm, I chat, I raid. So the content is boring, but the people aren’t, and that’s really the key to keeping me here. Yes, I’m probably paying £9 a month for what is effectively a glorified MSN, but to keep in contact with the people I am, I’d pay that and more. I keep thinking about everything Esmi has said to me, and it’s invigorating, that I’ve been in the guild for less than two months and I’ve already made an impression. If I give them two months more, and two months after that, then Cataclysm will be here and I’ll really be able to step up again and give it everything. I’m over my ‘bad player’ thing, I’ve got my mojo, I’ve got my guild and I’ve got my ‘Retarded Horse’, I’m set to play, just, perhaps, not with as much vigor as I would if it were all shiny and new and Cataclysmic.

WordPress is iLvl 278

April 11, 2010 1 comment

I’ve been playing with WordPress today since I have little else to do, I’ve managed to add a couple of new pages to my blog, an Archive Page and a Character page, the latter taking a good hour and a bit to do and probably being totally worthless, since most people reading are likely going to know and/or not care about my characters anyway.

I know Wrath of Wisdom probably doesn’t need my healing all that much, but me being there is helpful all the same, an Extra Heroism, four extra totems, an extra Chain Heal, so given a choice between me being there and not being there, they’d probably prefer I were there. I would too. It’s just, difficult.

I really want to do well and show them I’m not a waste of pixels and that I can do what I need to, it’s just this whole mojo thing is starting to vex me. There isn’t a problem, I’ll keep telling myself that, but when I’m underperforming the whole raid suffers and despite my constant (almost wishful) declarations that our “healing team” is great, I can’t help but feel that now Edicia is gone, I’m probably the weakest link. Lhuranan is pushing himself harder than ever and for some reason I can never seem to push myself at the same pace. Now, my post some time ago regarding the Miss Medicina said that I’m not such a big fan of reading meters, and that as long as people live and everybody works together then it’s not important who healed more or whatever. That said, when Lhuranan is cutting a constant 50% over my healing (effective, not over), which is something that has only started occuring recently, then something is wrong on my end. Yes, our gear differs, he has more of the Teir stuff than I have, and his gemming is more SP based whereas mine is strictly Haste based (to a point now where I have 300 Haste over him), but they always have and even if I spent several thousand gold respeccing my gem set and copying his spec and gear to the letter, I still don’t see how that’ll make up 50%.

Perhaps I’m overexaggerating, I sometimes don’t really get much feedback apart from the jesting cries of “slacker” or “you’re really failing m8”, and perhaps I don’t need it, perhaps people realise that I can do it and that it’s just a ‘slip’, but it’s a slip that’s been happening for almost three weeks now and if it carries on, I’ll become the next Edicia.

Lost my Mojo

April 4, 2010 Leave a comment
"I think I've lost my mojo!"

"I think I've lost my mojo!"

No really. I went into ICC10 this morning on a part guild run, part PuG, and I just felt awful. From there guild: me, Lhuranan, Gnoor, Tricki, Darders, Njev. Now, I’m usually pretty snappy with healing, nobody’s ever had a complaint about me (to my knowledge) and anybody who’s my heal target usually lives to tell the tale.

Today though, I just slipped horribly. PC crashed on Marrowgar, so Lhuranan was solo healing that, and it crashed again on Rotface so solo heals for that too. For the rest of the time, it was just sloppy, and I don’t know why. My healing overall was shoddy, and my overhealing was borderline awful. My gear hadn’t changed, I had most of the raid buffs I usually had, the only difference was that there were two healers and it was a ten man run instead of twenty-five.

Perhaps that was just it, that it was an unusual change from the 25 man runs I’m used to, with a team of six good healers who work well together. Healing always scares me anyway, no matter the instance, because there’s so much more pressure on you to do it right. I have no idea how a tank feels about their job, but it can only be worse.

We had a few tries on Putricide, a boss fight I actually enjoy, and I seemed to pick up a bit during that fight. We didn’t down him, and we were a healer short for Blood Princes, so we went to Valithria, got her down in one (I was raid healing, Lhuranan was portal hopping) and finished the raid.

Perhaps it’s just a blip, I hope it’s just a blip, I got better at the end, perhaps they were just fights I enjoyed more so did better naturally. Either way, I’m just hoping that Edicia hasn’t given me a case of The Bads now he’s gone. I did, after all, fill his shoes for most of my healing roles even while he was here.