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June 9, 2010 1 comment

It’s a 24 hour maintenance on our realm. All I see on MMO-Champion (as usual) is QQ from addicts who need their little Warcrack fix. Two things here, I’ll keep this brief:

1) It’s a game. You don’t need it to be online else you’ll die. Go and do something constructive. Yes it’s cliche but there are more games out there than this one, or you could step outside and do something legendary, go swimming, or walking, or do some studying, anything. Moping around the house is probably going to make it drag more than it’s going to pass the time.

2) It’s down for a reason. Your new content. Yes. You cry so much that it’s boring and repetitive and you have to wait for several months between patches, and when the patches come you cry that it’s offline and you’re bored. I’m sure you’d all feel a whole lot better if Blizzard just didn’t bother, and left us all to rot in ICC for the next several years while they sat around on fag breaks laughing at your suffering.

Me? I’m going to do some things outside, I have people to see and life to do. And probably Starbucks. Gotta have Starbucks.


Scheduled Maintenance

March 17, 2010 1 comment

I find myself doing the most pointless things during maintenances, the irony being that the moment I sign on I’ll just do similarly pointless things across a different medium. Tidying my room, tidying my character bank’s, sleeping, rested experience, making some phonecalls, talking to my guild, yeah. Yet still I can’t shake that awful empty feeling I get when WoW is offline. Normally I can sleep through it, recently I haven’t been sleeping an awful lot and when your body wakes up at 7 AM with three hours of sitting around to do, you tend to waste an awful lot of time.

I spent most of my time reading up on various things for my classes, a Druid guide, a Shaman guide (not that I need the guidance, but it’s nice to consult with others to at least have an understanding of different points of view), the MMO-Champion forums, YouTube, Tankspot, the usual WoW resource zones.

I know when I sign on that I’m going to do the same thing I do every day, transmute two sets of epic gems (Alchemy is quite a lazy man’s money spinner, I can make 250g per day just by buying some AH mats and whacking the finished product back on for a 500% profit over the mat cost, more if I get Transmuation Mastery procs), do the daily Heroic on my Priest and Shaman for Emblems of Frost, see if I can find a group for the weekly (currently Razorscale(fail), disgusting) on both characters, do the daily normal on my Warlock and Paladin, then go hover around in Blackrock Depths on my Druid. And yet, this routine which will take up perhaps six or seven hours of my day alone before our Icecrown raid with Wrath of Wisdom tonight is one that keeps me content with WoW, it’s not fun but it’s not dull, though I find a lot more of my time nowadays is spent on alts just for the fact that they give me something do to.

In other news, I’m really hoping that I win my DKP bid today. Our guild bank has 6 Primordial Saronites in it at the minute, and they’re being ‘auctioned off’ using DKP points, I need three more for my epic new Earthsoul Boots and I’m really hoping that I’ve put enough DKP into bidding so that I will win them, if not I’ll have to wait another three weeks until there’s another auction up again, that or actually go earn gold (shudder). I might amend my bid last minute, pump another couple of DKP into it, I had until midday today until the winners are announced, so wish me luck!