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March 25, 2010 Leave a comment

This is the third week our guild has been working on Valithria 25, and in my opinion the healing is going fine, a few tweaks to make across the board but otherwise fine. We’ve downed her both weeks previously, though both weeks took a good ten or so wipes to actually get going, and both successful attempts were made at the 21:50 mark when the raid had resolved to “one more try then we call it for the night”.

The good news is, I won a relatively nice helmet for myself, and by relatively nice I mean ‘it suits me perfectly since I’m nearly Haste soft-capped, so a change to crit is just a little extra push’. The bad news is that we don’t really have her on farm and in order for us to heal her to full, we all have to give up 100g to the wonderful repair guy before he bribes enough mobs to let us win easily.

Today’s raid came with a gut wrenching shock. Esmi was on Standby. Esmi is our healing leader and one of the best healers we have (along with Lhuranan and Molotov), and with a lack of Molotov also, we were two good healers down. In their place, we had a fresh faced Druid who’d recently migrated from my previous guild, and a fresh faced Holy Priest who’d been here once before, but had a little trouble ‘staying alive’. The other healers were me, Lhuranan, Drusskand (Boomkin-turned-Resto Druid) and Edicia. Lhuranan took over healing priorities today, not that they were needed for the most part, but he did a good job nonetheless. We also had our Elemental Shaman, Vorm, go Resto after a handful of wipes because the healers outside were seemingly struggling to keep up the other 19 non-portaling people.

In regards to portals, I’m going to make a bold statement which isn’t backed by empirical evidence, but instead nurtured by gossip, rumors and general experience. Personally, I would love a second opinion on the matter, but I’m going to say it anyway. Druids don’t make perfect tank healers. Nor do Shamans. The highest throughput class right now for tank healing is a Paladin, which we only have one of.

Now, our portal hopping crew usually consists of me, Lhuranan, Molotov/Drusskand and Edicia. Today, Lhuranan stayed outside to raid heal since the newbies would be less hard-pressed by portal hopping, meaning that our usual lineup of two Shamans, a Druid and a Paladin became one Shaman, two Druids and a Paladin. Not the best raid makeup, at least in single target EHPS.

The new Druid did amazingly well for a first try, she picked up a good stack count and didn’t miss any portals, and ended up leveling with Drusskand for healing, who were a shade below Edicia, who was a fair bit behind me. Our Holy Priest and Lhuranan did a wonderful job outside keeping everybody up, but there were a few DPS problems that I won’t really run into, let’s just leave it with two words: Blazing Skeletons. The tanking wasn’t too bad, but we kept losing tanks randomly even when we had three, and mobs would sometimes get loose and gank a healer, so definite room for improvement there. What with the new Icy Touch buff, it might not be a bad idea to have a Death Knight tank here, from the things I’ve read about the buff, pulling agro off of an Icy Touched mob is near impossible now.

There are three things we (as the healing group) need to do to be the best of the best at this fight:

1) A better healing lineup: two Druids isn’t cutting it, they should be on the raid and we should have another Holy Paladin portal hopping with our existing Paladin and two Shamans.
2) Healers need to be aware of their best EHPS single target rotation: ElitistJerks has a million and one spreadsheets that will inform you of your best outputs, for instance a Shaman’s best output is Riptide -> Healing Wave -> Healing Wave -> Healing Wave -> Repeat, but what about a Holy Paladin or Resto Druid? Look these things up and improve. On top of that, we need to be learning how best to time our Cooldowns to coincide with things like Heroism, that includes the outside Priest using Guardian Spirit a little more often on Valithria if it’s not been wasted on another raider. It finally means things like Wild Magic or Speed potions, that extra throughput along with your Cooldowns and Heroism is going to put you at the cutting edge of your abilities.
3) Edicia needs to man the fuck up and heal properly: I spent my entire day today with Edicia on focus, looking at specific buffs and their uptimes, and it was dreadful. Wrath of Wisdom is cursed in that we don’t have a Paladin leader, and nobody asides me has a significant amount of Holy Paladin experience, so I’m the only person who can ‘improve him’. Last week I got Esmi to persuade him to swap out his old Glyph set for Glyph of Light (5% healz yeahhh), but even with that he’s still not performing. One of his best throughput buffs, Judgements of the Just, provides him with 15% Spell Haste for a whole minute, and yet the uptime on it is awful, for all of our attempts he’d use it for the pull and then forget it exists. No wonder he’s underperforming when he’s losing 15% of his throughput right there.

I spent a good few minutes talking to our raid leader for the day, Gnoor (Fatty, Gnoob, whatever you want to call him), and I’m not the only one who wants to throttle Edicia. The problem is all he’s told me to do is ‘speak to Esmi’. Well Esmi has already admitted she’s not an authority on Holy Paladins, so what am I supposed to say? I’m aware that explaining the basics is beautifully easy for somebody with her level of comprehension, but explaining to somebody like Edicia is not going to be quite as easy. I stand by what I said in a previous post, it’s not the class that’s causing the fault, because even if the class had every potential available unlocked, there’d still be a dribbling idiot sitting behind the monitor mashing his happy little face into his happy little keyboard and hoping he wins. I just hope that we get a new Holy Paladin raider soon so we can ditch him entirely, before one of us ends up saying something we regret.


Class Roles

March 19, 2010 Leave a comment

The role check is there in LFG so that, if you can fill a particular role for an instance, you queue as it. Tanks call mobs pussies and keep their aggression, DPS take them hard from behind, and Healers mop up the mess left afterwards. Simple.

Why then, is the transition to Outlands so hard to manage? I’m a Druid, and yes I’m only level 57 but I’ve cleared Hellfire Ramparts more times than I care to remember as a tank, DPS and healer across various classes. Just an hour ago I had a highly successful run with a Feral Druid tanking, nobody died, I had to use Tranquility a couple of times to mop up some tricky pulls but overall it was a complete success. This was in my Azeroth gear, with no Elixirs or even mana drinks, the healing was just that smooth.

I queue for my second group, I want to get to 60-ish just running Ramps, it’ll gear me up amazingly well for questing and it means I’ll have a bit of a head start on Hellfire Peninsula (meaning I can do less of shitty Nagrand for the sixth time in a year), and bing, group pops up in less than a minute.

Level 58 Protection Warrior with 4k HP, Azeroth geared also. Fair enough to him, I’m in my Azeroth gear and he might surprise me. Then again, he might not. Level 62 Death Knight, Unholy specced. Level 64 Rogue, no idea what the spec was. Level 60 Elemental Shaman rocking the beautiful Wrath Totem.

It becomes immediately clear on the first pull of two plus patrol that the Warrior isn’t going to be able to hold agro over the Shaman or the Death Knight. No matter, we carry on, no deaths and no Tranquilities blown yet, so we might be okay. We get to the pack of three casters on the first corridor, and the Death Knight’s pet manages to pull two additional packs. Tranquility number one, no matter because we wiped all the same, even with two HoTs on every person and a massive Tranquility raining from the sky. The Death Knight asks if he can tank instead, and the Warrior agrees. Given that the Death Knight has been getting agro for quite a lot of the instance (or rather, as much as we’d run which was only five or six pulls), I assumed it wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

First pull, he’s in Blood Presence. I call him out on it, he says “I can tank in any presence”, then immediate drops dead despite my best heals. The Warrior picks up, we clear it fine apart from the single death. Ressed up, he switches to Frost and doesn’t say anything more, I presume out of shame but probably not. At this point I’d like to note that Death Grip is not a toy. If you want to use it, then use it properly! Which in this case it wasn’t. He death grips melee mobs, leaving casters at the back with no threat on them ready to pick on me the second a HoT lands. Why would you do that? Surely it would make more sense to Grip the caster if you need to and then have the melee come to you, that way they’re all in range and the poor Druid won’t be pulling with a single Rejuvination.

We get the first boss down with relative ease, and pull everything up to the courtyard on the upper level, where the tricky pulls are because of the patrols that run around in the three groups. Bam, immediately he aggros multiple packs because he fails at timing his Death Grip. We manage to get most of them down, I blow another Tranquility, then a pack rears up behind from one of the fleeing patrols, wipes me down (if I could have Shadowmelded I would have, but it’s never off CD because of the amount of times I’ve ripped agro on casters because the tank hasn’t even dumped a DoT on them), and proceeds to kill off the rest of the group.

On top of that whole shitty tank ordeal, the Rogue that was the highest level in the group was pulling a whopping 200 DPS. I called him out in chat, and in whisper, I even went so far as to inspect him, I have no idea what the fuck he was doing but it wasn’t DPSing. I wonder if it was just some poor guy with only one arm trying to use his mouse with his tongue and his keyboard with his foot so he can use his only free arm to masturbate with.

I’m aware that perhaps I’m a little low to be running Ramps, my heals are underwhelming but my Healing Touch can top up a 4k tank right away, my Regrowth hits for 2k immediate and my HoTs tick at 300-400 every 3 seconds, there’s absolutely no reason you should be able to take more damage than that unless you’re retarded. Oh wait.

Frost Presence doesn’t make you a tank in the same way that a Feral Druid in healing gear doesn’t make a good healer. Mix and match might have worked in the Vanilla dungeons you ran recently, where the mobs only hit for 6 damage and then apologised before bandaging you up, but this is big boy town. If you don’t have a tank spec with your mitigation talents and reasonable threat generation, then don’t come to the table and pretend you’re a tank.

People will never learn. It gets better with Wrath, I’ve found, but only just.

Introductions Suck

March 15, 2010 3 comments

So I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since November 2008, not all that long ago compared to some of the Vanilla veterans, so with that being said, I’ll clarify now that I know nothing about Vanilla or The Burning Crusade other than idle banter and speculation. I’m now into my seventeenth month of play and I have a host of characters that I should probably introduce. As the blog title suggests, I have a bit of a thing towards Draenei, they look quite cool and their current racials are definitely quite staggering. The blog generally is just a collection of my rants, experiences, more rants, and even more rants about anything I encounter in my day to day play. It might be people, guilds, content, even me, yes most of the time I’ll just rant about me. But enough of that, an introduction to the characters that I’m likely going to be ranting about.

Péndulus is a Draenei Death Knight, level 71, Unholy specced and geared to tank. He’s mostly my Blacksmith alt, a project I picked up when I was bored and then ultimately became even more bored. I highly doubt he’ll be used any time soon, he’s been idling in Dalaran for so long that he’s hit the rested experience cap several times over.

Shiftstorm is my Night Elf Druid, only because Draenei can’t be Druids (fuck you I can turn into a wolf as a Shaman, why can’t I turn into a bear as a Druid?), another failed project currently sitting at level 33. I wanted to make a tanking class along with my partner Veir, but after realising that Druids were horribly Swipe-whoring I gave it up in place of a Paladin, who doesn’t have to sit twiddling her thumbs whilst rage generates or whatever.

Squigstorm is my Draenei Hunter, mostly a PvP character, a lowly level 21 who dominated the 10-19 bracket and intends to do so for the 20-29 bracket. Something about Hunters enticed me to play them right from the off, yes, Disengage. After playing Ragnarok Online for many years and seeing Hunters firing arrows at people point blank, I always thought it’d be interesting to see them be able to do the opposite of what the melee want, instead of closing the distance, make it greater. Nowadays I find myself dumping half a dozen arrows into some poor Orc’s face, Freeze Trapping, Disengaging them dropping the rest of the dozen arrows into various other orifices. I don’t really have plans to level him all that much, running around with Doris the Dragonhawk annoying the tits offa people with traps is plenty fun enough for me.

Squiggle is my Draenei Paladin, my new leveling project because tanking is the only role I’ve never really played (apart from Péndulus who I obviously got bored of). Currently sitting at level 70, the same level as Veir, and anxious to start tanking the content that I know about. After tanking through the majority of Vanilla and The Burning Crusade, I’m proud to say that I’m a filthy casual who enjoys the Wrath content more than the stupid-pull-let’s-CC-this-fuck-we-wiped content that made up the previous two games. Incidentally, I have a level 80 Blood Elf Holy Paladin on another realm who ran through the majority of ToC10/25 content (and some Heroic, too) during 3.2, so this one won’t be off-specced as Holy unless I decide to lose my mind again.

Pendulus is my Draenei Priest, level 80 and specced Holy. Previously my main, now taking a back seat to my Shaman, my Priest is sitting in Tier 9.10 gear and a slither of Triumph welfare items and ToC10 loot. Currently off-specced as Shadow, but will likely change back to Disc, I’ve played Affliction Locks recently and it makes Shadow look like pants.

Sincraft is my bank alt Rogue, the only Human in my arsenal and not even dressed to impress. As a bank alt, I feel he should have his own guild, Diamond-Tipped Cane, top hat and tuxedo, the usual bank alt rubbish. Instead he sits with some un-used Leather Heirloom shoulders and his two level 1 daggers outside the Exodar bank and mail box, being my transfer dummy for all of my unused rubbish. Doesn’t even have bags, some bank alt.

Totemshock is my big boss main, a Draenei of epic power, sitting in mostly ICC25 gear as part of Wrath of Wisdom, my also epic guild. I managed to join Wrath of Wisdom a couple of weeks ago after impressing the recruitment officer (god knows how, I surely don’t), passed my trial within a week (the poor Shaman who was recruited at the same time as me took twice as long) and am a fully fledged raider. I play Restoration most of the time, I only usually use my Elemental spec to PvP with (despite being a PvE spec), my DPS isn’t high enough for ICC25, and my healing is just too good to miss. We only have one other Resto Shaman in the guild (<3 Lhu), and we make quite a good team, he’s particularly competitive on the meters so I have to stay on my toes.

Shadowgrasp is my final, smallest (in more than one way) contribution to this blog, my little Gnome Warlock, Affliction specced and level 76, I play him when I’m bored, and boy does Affliction rock. I haven’t been in a PuG for as long as I can remember where I haven’t done at least 50% more damage than the next best DPS. That being said, putting out so much damage means I spend half of my OOC time Life Tapping, to much annoyance of the healers. Also a town-stalker, he’s sitting on his rested experience cap, which means most dungeons I run give up about 20% of a level. Cha-ching.

Now by no means will this blog be anything so much as accurate in information I give, I play my own way regardless of what wowhead or elitistjerks say, sometimes I just deviate from their advice because I can. What I’m trying to say is to take everything with a pinch of salt, if something I say displeases you then don’t read (or alternatively, leave me a comment that I’ll just delete anyway), and enjoy the rambling rantings of a Squidgoatpriestshamandeathknighthunterwarl— you get the idea.