Level: 80
Race: Draenei
Class: Priest
Spec: Holy / Shadow
Created: January 2009

My first Alliance character on Shadowsong, primarily Draenei because of how hideous all of the other classes looked on Alliance side. One of the first things I did before picking a character and class was to have a look around and see what was what. I remember picking Discipline Priest as my spec of choice right from the off because the style and comments I’d read about it pointed to it being a reflexive kind of class that I’d enjoy. I also remember getting into my first casual guild (Bloodreign) and being told that Discipline was a horrible spec and that Holy was the way to go, not that that put me off. I leveled as Holy and did quite a few Outlands instances on my trek to 68, then to Northrend. Borean Tundra, oh god it was horrible. Smite spamming back in the day, at least the Glyph was relatively useful back then though, because I didn’t want to go Shadow. I was locked in the mindset that Priests were healers and that’d what I’d do.

Got into a raiding guild (albeit a very casual one) later on, started doing Naxxramas as a ten man and got some reasonable gear. Made it all the way to officer rank before they decided I was “too” gung-ho for their liking, and my constant wanting to improve was affecting performance. It probably was, but they shouldn’t have been slacking. I left the guild and went freelance for a bit.

Despite my wants to be Discipline, I’m not Holy because I enjoy it more than I enjoy Disc. The play style is so much more relaxing (Rewew, aaaaand breath, Renew, aaaaand breath) and it feels a little more intensive than just dropping the same Shield on twenty five different people for every boss of every instance of every raid. Shadow is my off spec now simply because I like to change things around a bit, though depending on the Cataclysm changes, that might go back to Discipline. Power Word: Barrier at last.



Level: 68
Race: Night Elf
Class: Druid
Spec: Restoration / Balance
Created: May 2009

When I was in Haven on my Priest (another Shadowsong guild after my first casual/raiding experience), I used to raid most of the evenings but be bored during the day. I’d seen how Druids healed, and it was intruguing, especially since they seemed to be perfect at it. That and the ability to Innervate was just awesome. I made this character with Bella, the guild leader, and spent quite a while leveling it, though eventually giving up at 45, since I took a break from WoW (or rather, Shadowsong) to go and play my Holy Paladin on The Sha’tar.

I came back to Arcticious recently, granted him enough RAF levels to be able to skip the really boring content that was Vanilla and got stuck right into Outlands dungeons. Only quested a bit, since Boomkin is boring to quest as (and I hate Feral), but spent most of my time healing through a variety of shinies, my personal favorite being Shattered Halls. He’s currently sitting in Borean Tundra awaiting the last 12 levels, not sure they’ll be done any time soon, though considering picking up Druid as my main for Cataclysm.



Level: 71
Race: Draenei
Class: Death Knight
Spec: Who cares?
Created: June 2009

Another escape character for my boredom, the only reason I actually bothered making a Death Knight (and a reason shared by many, I assume) is so that I could skip the awful Vanilla leveling. I spent a while playing dual wield (before it became all viable and stuff) and tanking Outlands, though that was before the LFG tool so I had to do the usual Hellfire->Zangarmarsh->Nagrand route too. One thing I obsessed over quite a bit was getting my hands on one of the Blacksmith only epics from TBC, so after many thousands of gold and many farming hours, Péndulus is the proud owner of two Blazefury swords and a Bloodmoon polearm.

No plans to continue leveling to 80, Death Knights bore me, as do most melee classes, I prefer to heal and the oomph just isn’t there in a Death Knight for me to forego the ability to do that.



Level: 77
Race: Gnome
Class: Warlock
Spec: Affliction / Demonology
Created: August 2009

Another boredom character, I actually took great pleasure in leveling my Warlock on the basis that it was created so soon after my Shadow Priest retired, and the play style is almost identical. That and my sinister like of watching things die a very slow and painful death. Or something. A gnome with pink hair, only because Humans are hideous and Gnomes are more hated.

Now, at the time of creation and indeed for several months afterwards, Destruction was the Flavor of the Month for Warlocks, so once again I defied what the masses did and went with Affliction. Even now in Northrend I’m still managing to hold my own in any situation using my favorite DoT and /fart as it dies technique, though leveling is slow with so many other things to do. It’ll probably get to 80 eventually, I just can’t face the 15 minute dungeon queues every time I want a few Triumph badges.



Level: 80
Race: Draenei
Class: Shaman
Spec: Restoration / Elemental
Created: December 2009

Shaman is oh my, so fun, or so awful, depending on how I feel. After unretiring Pendulus and healing as Disc and Holy for a bit, I felt a little boxed in with Priests, and in an attempt to expand how I played, Totemshock was created. Yes, the name is uninspired, yes the name is an ironic take on all of the people who call themselves by skills ingame (Crusader Strike, oh how original). I don’t actually remember leveling for most of the grind to 80, perhaps I was just too uncaring or drugged up on… Totemic Love. Enhance was a beautiful leveling spec and I remember doing my first FoS with Sinespe as Enhance, then immediately switching to Elemental. I’d wanted a Resto spec somewhere, but I was torn between Elemental and Restoration as a main spec and ended up flipping a coin.

I got into Wrath of Wisdom in February, and Esmi offered me the choice when I joined about what spec I wanted to be. My arguments were that “healing was what I was good at, and my DPS would probably suck in the gear I had”, still ended up flipping though, and it was Resto for the win.

Since then I’ve had my ups and downs, I’ve cleared most of Icecrown 10 and 25 with her and she’s great, it’s just that I have these horrible desires to stab her and burn her at times, just because Shamans are a love or hate class. That said, she’ll remain my main character until the end of Wrath, and from then on we’ll see how it goes.



Level: 1
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
Spec: None
Created: February 2010

My bank alt and proud owner of the Peppermint Mammoth guild (a take on the Spearmint Rhino chain of what is effectively a strip club), created to try help me save money for Cataclysm, as well as stockpile a few things to sell on at the end of Wrath to high buyers who want to just powerlevel professions. Didn’t work, I admit, the best I managed to save was about 7000 gold, then I went and bought two 245 pieces for Squiggle, epic flying and a 245 piece for Veir. Spent more than I really should have done in the process, and now none of my characters have even triple digits for their gold figure.

No plans to level Sincraft, I just wanted a Human Rogue in a Tuxedo so I could pretend I was James Bond when sleuthing around Stormwind between the bank and the Auction House.



Level: 80
Race: Draenei
Class: Paladin
Spec: Protection / Holy
Created: February 2010

I managed to persuade Veir to start playing in February 2010, and we got our accounts RAFed up together for 300% more experience, but the condition was that I had to create a character to level with him. Now, I’d played healers and I’d played DPS, but I’d never played a tank, not really. I had a Druid at 30 that I could Swipe spam with (and still lose agro) and a Warrior at 20 that I could Thunder Clap and hope with (and still lose agro), so I decided to go with Paladin, since they were supposed to be “easy to play with” and a good “practise tank for later adventures”. Veir picked a Priest, and we were off, leveling our way through Azeroth. The grind to 60 obvious was a lot less awful than it could have been, what with the 300% experience bonus, though Outlands was the worst experience ever. Some of the instances there were so different to Azeroth (disarms, stuns, mobs with no agro tables, mobs that reset agro tables, everything) that it sent me reeling, though I carried on tanking right up to 75, where I took a break and DPSed to 80.

Currently sitting at 80 in gear equal to that of my Priest, of whom I’ve spent many, many moons trying to gear up, and not sure where to go next. I’d like to keep tanking, but a couple of bad experiences recently have put me off, not for good, but just enough to reanaylse my strategies and see if I can make any improvements. After all, the player makes the player, the gear just makes the player look shiny.


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