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Focus Magic

When I see an Arcane Mage (what I consider to be (for now) my primary class to which the majority of my Cataclysm knowledge is contained in) using Frost Armor and not putting Focus Magic on people in the middle of an instance, it hurts me inside.

I know new players probably don’t know their arse from their head when it comes to skills, and it might just have been a vet who forgot to stick FM on somebody when he zoned in, but that doesn’t give you the right to be a total cunt when I politely say “you haven’t put Focus Magic on anybody” in whisper simply to help you push a little bit harder and give me the opportunity to roll some ‘phat crits’ into my HoTs.

If I’d called you out in the middle of the group by calling you a “noob who doesn’t know his class” then yes, I’m sure I deserve the slanderous response that I get when you hurl abuse at me because I’m just “an insignificant Tauren Druid healer”; perhaps even if I do it in a whisper, by patronizing you about not doing it right.

People are so unwilling to take advise these days. No, putting FM on somebody isn’t encounter breaking, and losing most of your mana regen from not using Mage Armor isn’t going to hurt anybody except you, but they’re likely down to idle mistake or lack of knowedge. So the next time I suggest politely that you boost yourself and your friendly Druid healer with a bit of FM love (or any other relevant character, I just happened to be the only caster), don’t chew me out and tell me I’m the one who’s playing badly. Playing badly would have been calling you out on it and insulting/patronizing you, or letting you suffer horribly because you have to resort to casting an AB1 rotation with 3% less crit than you could potentially have.

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