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Focus Magic

May 31, 2011 Leave a comment

When I see an Arcane Mage (what I consider to be (for now) my primary class to which the majority of my Cataclysm knowledge is contained in) using Frost Armor and not putting Focus Magic on people in the middle of an instance, it hurts me inside.

I know new players probably don’t know their arse from their head when it comes to skills, and it might just have been a vet who forgot to stick FM on somebody when he zoned in, but that doesn’t give you the right to be a total cunt when I politely say “you haven’t put Focus Magic on anybody” in whisper simply to help you push a little bit harder and give me the opportunity to roll some ‘phat crits’ into my HoTs.

If I’d called you out in the middle of the group by calling you a “noob who doesn’t know his class” then yes, I’m sure I deserve the slanderous response that I get when you hurl abuse at me because I’m just “an insignificant Tauren Druid healer”; perhaps even if I do it in a whisper, by patronizing you about not doing it right.

People are so unwilling to take advise these days. No, putting FM on somebody isn’t encounter breaking, and losing most of your mana regen from not using Mage Armor isn’t going to hurt anybody except you, but they’re likely down to idle mistake or lack of knowedge. So the next time I suggest politely that you boost yourself and your friendly Druid healer with a bit of FM love (or any other relevant character, I just happened to be the only caster), don’t chew me out and tell me I’m the one who’s playing badly. Playing badly would have been calling you out on it and insulting/patronizing you, or letting you suffer horribly because you have to resort to casting an AB1 rotation with 3% less crit than you could potentially have.

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Another Day, Another Alt

May 29, 2011 Leave a comment

I’ve neglected my blog recently, probably for no good reason, but let’s pretend it’s because I’ve been busy with University. Despite that, I’ve still managed to maintain a relatively active account, insofar as I now have three level 85 characters: a Mage (Arcane/Frost), a Priest (Holy/Shadow), and a Shaman (Elemental/Resto). The Mage is the only character that I actively play, my Priest (once a glorious Kingslayer) is now nothing more than a transmute donkey (spending her eternity in Uldum making Volatile Airs) and my Shaman a failed healer project (worth 20,000 gold) that does nothing more than ninja the odd item from the guild bank.

I’m quite happy to admit that during my entire Cataclysm experience, the only raid I’ve stepped into is a trash run that lasted just over an hour. I haven’t even looked at Baradin Hold, perhaps the easiest boss since Vaults of Archavon, and I have zero raid boss kills of any Cataclysmic description to my name. I haven’t finished the new 4.1 troll dungeons, and I’ve yet to get a character decked out in full epics. I’m taking Cataclysm slowly, I don’t have the motivation to raid three nights a week after Cliche, it was just too much hard work and not enough enjoyment. I play Warcraft for fun, if I wanted to have to sit for three hours a night doing repetitive tasks then I’d get a job as a secretary (and get paid for it!).

That said, I try to keep my finger on the pulse of modern Warcraft life. I keep up with class changes that I know will affect me, and while I can’t say I’m particularly competent with raid strategies, I’m more than capable at everything else. My months of raiding have taught me that fire burns, which is a lesson that a considerable amount of DPS have yet to grasp. Even worse, with a new gear tier now available to casual players (I’m talking about the 353 troll gear) people now assume that they’re more than welcome to stand in burning hot lava because “they overgear it”, or worse, “the healer overgears it so can heal me”.

I’ve yet to play a healer, but I do have a Druid in the pipeline. I have to say, I spent quite a lot of time on my Shaman (getting it from 1 to 85 in a single “sitting”, rather than playing for a couple of weeks then neglecting it for months, as I tend to do with my alts) with every intention of being a healer but it just didn’t work out. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by what I was playing, I’ve burned out from Shamanism after Icecrown, the same way that I’d burned out with Priest after Icecrown too (hence why that is equally unused). The only class I’ve never healed on comprehensively is a Druid, and while I know that my current Cataclysm experience is far from comprehensive, I’d still like to be able to run just a single Heroic as a healer to say that I’d done it.

Right now, despite all of the Heroic “nerfs” that came in January/February, I still worry about healing them. Things hit harder, heals don’t work as well, mana is actually an issue, it’s so very different from the playstyle I’m used to. At least I think so. The thing is, I’ve healed my way through most of Icecrown 25, Icecrown 10HM, Trial of the Circus 10/25/10HM/25HM and Ulduar, but does that really count for anything? The entire game has switched and now what I used to know is no longer at all relevant (see a previous post for elaboration on “veteran gamers”).

My Druid however, is actually enjoyable. While I made a Druid during Wrath and didn’t feel like I clicked with it because of the “slow HoT heal” strategy, because I haven’t healed at all for such a long time it feels almost like a fresh experience, and one that I’m enjoying. I’m learning (slowly) that I can HoT somebody and know they’ll be okay for a few seconds, and I’ve even got to the point of facepalming when other healers don’t (I saw a healer today cast Renew on a half-health Warlock then immediately top-up with Penance, what’s the fucking point?). Equally with Druid, the only spec I actually enjoy is Resto so there’s no “scapegoat” spec (like Elemental) that I can just jump into and shirk healing forever. If I don’t like Resto then I’ve wasted an entire month leveling a Druid for nothing.

Since the summer holidays are here I can actually set in with some proper blogging again, for all the good it’ll do. And if I really get into it, I might even treat myself to a realm transfer to somewhere that isn’t utterly dead and vacant, though I get the feeling that diminished accountability due to LFG/guild finder/RealID is hitting every realm, not just Saurfang (more on that later, no doubt).

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