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It’s been a fair while since I made a significant post (or any poster that didn’t involve me hating horribly on Hunters). I’ve been playing with my usual gusto, I still haven’t stepped foot inside a Cataclysm raid (trash runs don’t count, right?) but I have another level 85 added to my ranks (a Shaman). I’ve also done a fair bit of guild hopping trying to find somewhere to call home.

I finally settled into a guild called Blackwatch. I wanted to hound them since I first saw their guild advertisement calling for mature over 18s, though I guess nobody ever sticks to their Trade recruitment “promises”. We have a few under 18s but mostly friends/family of the officers, and they’re not the annoying whiny unbroken-voice-never-shutting-up-on-Ventrilo kinds so it’s okay. Most of the officer crew is made up of real life friends, which seems a bit odd but it’s not something I feel so strongly against that I’d question it (I prefer a variety of officers from different geological and cultural backgrounds to provide a more even spread of power; complaining to an officer about another officer knowing they’re best friends isn’t a great idea). The guild is friendly though, they don’t hardcore (or even softcore) raid, there are a clutter of events regularly, and they do daily Heroics if nagged hard enough. The guild bank is open to all, and there’s a feeling of trust running through the guild (some might say that an open guild bank is stupid, but from my month in the guild I’ve only ever seen one occasion where this has caused a problem). It also lacks the annoying fanboy cluster of “gz” spamming spoon-licking morons every time I get a mundane “achievement” like “Level 10!”.

I’ve been playing a Mage through the first three months of Cataclysm, but I’m so bored of running the same places knowing that I’ve “capped” all of my gear outside of Heroics, that there’s nothing for me anymore. It was a relatively new character at the end of Wrath anyway, so it’s not like I had a bunch of half-finished achievements/feats to complete.

My Shaman has been built as an Elemental/Resto dual-spec, though I’ve yet to use the Resto spec for more than a single (normal) Cataclysm dungeon, primarily out of the fear instilled in me by the stories of healers gone by and the new healing mechanics. I was a confident healer throughout Wrath, but knowing now that I can’t spam my best heals constantly and have to play triage is an idea that – even months after Cataclysm’s release – hasn’t quite sunk in. I’ve been vigorously gearing up for the past few days, and have a small number of 359 epics and an even smaller number of 346 rares, and I still feel like I’m falling short of where I need to be. The problem lies in the fact that I still haven’t shirked a few pre-85 items and they’re making me feel uncomfortable. The other problem is that half of my gear now lacks Spirit, which is great for Elemental (where I only need enough for a 6% hit conversion for 5-man bosses) but (even psychologically) makes me feel inferior as a healer, constantly in fear of running OOM. Half of the problem is that so many spells have changed for Shamans since Wrath that I look at my hotkeys and blanch. It’s something I’ll work around in time and hopefully come to embrace, but healing isn’t going to be particularly fun until I get stuck in and work through those first few inevitable wipes and bad groups.

Nothing exceptional to report about my gameplay though. I’m working on the Guardian or Cenarius title for my Shaman but it’s taking a fair while. Twilight Texts, weekly Ahn’Qiraj runs and obsessive Coilfang slaughtering is taking its toll. I’m glad I’m not doing The Insane.

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