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The Shattering: Elemental Invasion

November 21, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I can’t say that the constant bombardment of elemental attacks are appreciated when I’m trying to level a new character. When a considerable amount of dungeon quests (and more importantly – Pilgrim quests!) are based in Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar but are entirely inaccessible because of the eight-times-a-day raids I start to get tired of hanging around. I don’t play for long each day, and when I log on and am unable to hand in several quests because most of the quest givers have vanished from the face of Azeroth I just sigh a little inside at the lack of forethought on Blizzard’s behalf.

It’s great providing level 80 players with something to do, but the event should be once or twice a day, or phased for level 75+ characters only. The loot is 251 stuff, which is entirely wasteful since we’ll be rolling in 300+ stuff in two weeks anyway. And to cap it all, Thunder Bluff is the least loved city next to Silvermoon – waiting around to hand in a few quests is an hour’s work. It seems like this event was just pulled out of a hat one night and approved without any care to the fact that half of the WoW population is less than level 80, and thus going to be adversely affected by the constant interruptions.

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