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Now by no means am I a roleplayer, nor would I claim to have ever done it beyond a few /emotes in chat, but there are things that I define as “good roleplay” and things I define as “bad roleplay”

Bear in mind that we’re playing a game who’s theme is war, death, destruction, and huge battles. One would have thought that roleplay would stretch a little further than simply standing in Thunder Bluff or Orgrimmar (or Silvermoon, god forbid) pretending to talk to other random players under a very transparent alias, an alias that they can’t keep in tune for more than few lines before they make a very uncharacteristic jolt into a fit of undeniably see through rage or some other emotion.

I wanted to write this recently but lost the will to because I know that I just don’t have enough to talk about in regards to roleplaying to make a decent blog post. That changed today after I see what was probably the most pathetic attempt at roleplay ever. Two Tauren and a Blood Elf in Orgrimmar having what seemed like the most cliche conversation ever. Tauren A and Tauren B were a couple (I assume), and Tauren B was caught having “fun” with Blood Elf, so Tauren A started screaming in the middle of Orgrimmar about how it was over and that they would pick up their “shit” next week, after they’d moved to Thunder Bluff. The whole time this conversation was transpiring, my jaw was dropping lower and lower. Then, as then uncharacteristic twist, Tauren A suddenly starts shouting death threats and using language that you’d expect from the Lich King, not some vulnerable Tauren wife.

Perhaps I’m sitting under a cloud of grandeur, but my definition of role playing is rolling a dice, having epic battles with monsters and other people, blood spilling and none of this lovey-Eastenders shit that plagues the open air of Orgrimmar and other cities. We’re playing a game with in-game miles of maps, more towns than just the cosy Auction House of Silvermoon, huge factional wars with ten (soon to be twelve) different races and whatever else. On a whole realm there have to be more than just a few solitary Blood Elves and Tauren playing (un)happy families, enough people to gather up a small army to go raiding towns and enemy cities. Yes, we have that already, we have city raids whereby we kill faction leaders, but what about something else? Why don’t you go browse Wowhead, find a random NPC and make up a storyline to have an excuse to kill him. Juli Stormkettle is the Ironforge Mage trainer, perhaps he’s wanted by the Horde War Chief for practicing black magic with fatal consequences. There, in the space of a sentence I’ve set up a storyline whereby you have the means and opportunity to go and do something with a group of people instead of sitting around Silvermoon as a level 7 Rogue making love to another level 7 Rogue.

The game has constraints, yes, things like city raiding and dungeon running are hard to do at lower levels, but it also provides a thousand opportunities. Every quest can be role played, you can pretend to be Mankrik’s best friend, going to avenge his beaten wife by desecrating the Razorfen dens, you can pretend to be Thrall’s elite guard, on a mission to explore Northrend, anything at all with a bit of imagination.

What I don’t understand is that people set up backstories for characters, you’re a dragon who fought alongside Rhonin and Krasus, you were lined up to be consort of one of the Aspects, hours of imagination are put into this, and then it’s all ruined by being tied to a level 7 Rogue who does sweet fuck all.

I don’t really understand why I’m irked, but I play on a roleplaying realm (not really my choice, I just moved there to be with a friendly face) and seeing this stuff just makes me want to facepalm. If people enjoy sitting around Silvermoon and Orgrimmar having sexy ERPs and affairs then go ahead, I just get the feeling there is so much more to it.

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