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What is my obsession with pissing off every officer in Wrath of Wisdom recently? Admittedly it’s had some short term (so far) effect, TJ actually was optimistic yesterday, something which made my jaw hit the desk, but Gnoor seemed to be just as willing to be a tool in his stead.

Every raid since I’ve joined, he’s been on the healer’s back questioning us constantly about things that he can only theorise, despite the fact we have a healing leader already – Esmi. Hell, if I were in her place and leading a team only to have him muscle in and lead it for me I’d be pretty pissed off too. We were doing Sindragosa last night and people were dying to the most retarded things ever, mostly Bombs and Tombs but some people even managed to get themselves cleaved. A total shambles.

We were running with six healers, a Shaman, a Druid, three Holy Priests and one Discipline Priest. Yes, awful setup, but it was either that or we canceled the raid due to lack of healers. Gnoor immediately muscled in asking if we wanted seven, to which we all replied with “no we don’t”, which he took as a “we’re too proud to admit we need help” as opposed to “we don’t have any other choice”.

Sheepless gets on an hour later, but Naytha disconnects, so we’re down at six still. At this point Gnoor flags me up on something I’d said previous in regards to his muscling in on things that weren’t really his business:

“Unfortunately some of don’t have the luxury of just being able to stand by a leg and spam swipe, this fight is excessively awkward as a healer, especially when our team is so off balance”.

Apparently he didn’t like being considered a one skill class, but in all fairness, he is, and he has to watch only half as much as a healer does, made worse by the fact that this fight is tortuous to do. The only person with a more difficult job than us yesterday was TJ, but tanking isn’t easy any of the time unless you’re dead.

I’m hoping to fail my trial, my motivation to raid is still slim, despite the fact that TJ seems a lot less negative (he gave us a pep talk and actually used the word ‘happy’), which is great, it’s just that one problem falls and another takes its place. It’s not my job to stand up and speak my mind because nobody else will, but to be honest, if it makes raiding more fluid in future then there’s no reason I shouldn’t martyr myself. There are only a few things that annoy me in raiding and right now every one of them has been touched on:

  • Negativity needs to be kept where it’s needed. A blanket of it does nothing for morale.
  • Officers need to communicate. That means all of them. Just because you’re raid leader does not mean you’re right, nor should it mean you get the last word. It’s a crown over your head, you still need to talk to everybody else and make sure you’re working as a team, and not four individuals.
  • Players need to stop making excuses. I wiped the group once yesterday, and made mistakes that got just me killed twice more, I admit that. But when you make up excuses like “my camera was screwy” or (even worse!) “nobody told me to move from that!” then you should consider our position in a raid a little more carefully.
  • Finally, stop extending the damn raids. Nobody, I mean nobody in a softcore guild wants to spend nine hours a week wiping on one boss, no matter how progressive that might be. People will get bored, nine hours is a long bloody time, and we need a bit of variety. It’ll be nice when we get Ruby Sanctum because it means we can mix and match a little bit more, but otherwise what’s the point? Doing the rest of ICC gives the constant stream of new players (and some old players) the gear they need. Gear doesn’t make a person better without skill, but it improves their morale and makes them less likely to cock up when they win something they want.

I don’t know where I stand, I’m just a trialist and I’ve been told that it’s none of my business what goes on in the upper ranks, which is true, but I can’t help feeling that somebody needs to step in and tell them to act like grown ups and act like a team, because this whole “I’m leading today so I’m god” thing is not healthy for anybody.

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