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I’m Actually Vegetarian

Not Exactly World First - Doesn't Make It Any Less Awesome

Yeah, we’re quite late with this one but it’s taken a good three weeks (with the 10% buff) to finally get down the Blood Sucking Harlet, meaning only two more bosses to go until we can start working on the Heroic versions of each. Screenshot of the actual kill is linked to the above image, including my rather cluttered UI (I like it, who cares what you think). A short post really, I was going to do one for Putricide, but compared to BQL he’s actually a pushover so I’m glad I saved it. We had a few tries on Sindragosa too, not exactly the most thrilling of bosses but we’ll get her down within a week I’m sure.

I’ve been on an alt spam lately, my Priest is level 16 and my Rogue is level 12, both are a bit of fun to play from time to time, though I’m tempted to just name/race change Pendulus save me having to level a Priest to 80 all over again. Rogues are such a daunting class, three trees that all serve the same purpose – to DPS – all with entirely different ways to do it and if I pick the wrong tree then BAM, I’ll look rather silly. At the minute I have so few talent points that it’s not a problem anyway, but for somebody who’s not a melee-lover it’s just a bit of a confusing decision as to which is best and why and blah. Even more annoying when people won’t refer to the trees by their names or even by their talents, you don’t hear people asking me to go Penance Priest or Beacon Paladin, so why would I want to be a Mutilate Rogue? Nitpicking, yes, but it’s just unhelpful when I’m lost enough as it is.

I’ve been watching one of our Holy Priests today, and the healing output is crippled compared to everybody else. We have Paladins on top as usual, and Druids/Shamans tying for the next three spots, then a Holy Priest right at the bottom with barely 5k HPS output (and a third of that overhealing). What I don’t get is that why either: 1) nobody has spoken to them about it in the past; or 2) why they haven’t noticed it themselves. Nobody can claim to not have recount, that’s like most people claiming they don’t look at GS, it’s bullshit because they clearly do even if only to brag about their 6k. And yes, I’m well aware that recount isn’t the do all and end all of healing, but if you’re slipping behind with 3.5 EHPS compared to the rest of the group pulling 6-7k EHPS then surely you’re going to consider why.

It’s a bit of a trial and error thing, every Priest is going to have Prayer of Mending and Circle of Healing as their baseline spells, and then they’re going to fill in with either Flash Heal, Prayer of Healing or Renew. Surely then, the filling in spell varies between situations. A fight like Saurfang where there’s not much AoE, then you’ll probably just throw a few Flash Heals around to snipe people up after Boiling Blood or whatnot. A fight like Festergut with a predictable AoE would be prime for Prayer of Healing. A fight like BQL or Sindragosa with a steady ticking aura, then, surely is the best place to throw Renews around.

We spent the whole night doing the latter two, BQL and Sindragosa, and the whole fight consisted of Prayer of Healing spam. The problem is, we already had two Shamans popping Chain Heal for the ‘immediate’ healing, but only one Druid doing HoTs. So then, where would a Holy Priest find 2.6 seconds of cast to throw out yet another immediate heal to compete with the spam of green Jesus Beams already flying everywhere. Surely a steady ticking of ten or so Renews rolling around would suit an aura-based fight so much better, rather than just rolling into overhealing. That on top of the fact that Prayer of Healing is the most horribly mana squishy spell ever means a smoother, more mana efficient healing.

I’m just musing because I can. I was going to ask Slater about the possibility to changing my Shaman out so I could play my Priest again, the problem is that somebody beat me to it. Nagarjun’s Hunter has been switched out for his Warrior, and I highly doubt the officers are going to want to make two switches in a day. That on top of the fact that a switch will only be made “if it suits the guild”. My Shaman is a ‘needed’ part of the healing team, more so than any Priest, and until it isn’t, having a main change is going to be nigh impossible. Either I need to really start sucking, or I need to find a replacement so I can effectively ‘step down’ and reapply on a new character. Ugh. Effort.

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