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WordPress is iLvl 278

I’ve been playing with WordPress today since I have little else to do, I’ve managed to add a couple of new pages to my blog, an Archive Page and a Character page, the latter taking a good hour and a bit to do and probably being totally worthless, since most people reading are likely going to know and/or not care about my characters anyway.

I know Wrath of Wisdom probably doesn’t need my healing all that much, but me being there is helpful all the same, an Extra Heroism, four extra totems, an extra Chain Heal, so given a choice between me being there and not being there, they’d probably prefer I were there. I would too. It’s just, difficult.

I really want to do well and show them I’m not a waste of pixels and that I can do what I need to, it’s just this whole mojo thing is starting to vex me. There isn’t a problem, I’ll keep telling myself that, but when I’m underperforming the whole raid suffers and despite my constant (almost wishful) declarations that our “healing team” is great, I can’t help but feel that now Edicia is gone, I’m probably the weakest link. Lhuranan is pushing himself harder than ever and for some reason I can never seem to push myself at the same pace. Now, my post some time ago regarding the Miss Medicina said that I’m not such a big fan of reading meters, and that as long as people live and everybody works together then it’s not important who healed more or whatever. That said, when Lhuranan is cutting a constant 50% over my healing (effective, not over), which is something that has only started occuring recently, then something is wrong on my end. Yes, our gear differs, he has more of the Teir stuff than I have, and his gemming is more SP based whereas mine is strictly Haste based (to a point now where I have 300 Haste over him), but they always have and even if I spent several thousand gold respeccing my gem set and copying his spec and gear to the letter, I still don’t see how that’ll make up 50%.

Perhaps I’m overexaggerating, I sometimes don’t really get much feedback apart from the jesting cries of “slacker” or “you’re really failing m8”, and perhaps I don’t need it, perhaps people realise that I can do it and that it’s just a ‘slip’, but it’s a slip that’s been happening for almost three weeks now and if it carries on, I’ll become the next Edicia.

  1. April 12, 2010 at 9:42 am

    Well I think it’s great to do a page on all your chars. I post every now and then a bio but thats a specific post and not on an actual char page.

    So far I’ve done Magewraith and Demode although to be honest they weren’t great posts so I may revisit them at some point and make some changes.

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