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Lost my Mojo

"I think I've lost my mojo!"

"I think I've lost my mojo!"

No really. I went into ICC10 this morning on a part guild run, part PuG, and I just felt awful. From there guild: me, Lhuranan, Gnoor, Tricki, Darders, Njev. Now, I’m usually pretty snappy with healing, nobody’s ever had a complaint about me (to my knowledge) and anybody who’s my heal target usually lives to tell the tale.

Today though, I just slipped horribly. PC crashed on Marrowgar, so Lhuranan was solo healing that, and it crashed again on Rotface so solo heals for that too. For the rest of the time, it was just sloppy, and I don’t know why. My healing overall was shoddy, and my overhealing was borderline awful. My gear hadn’t changed, I had most of the raid buffs I usually had, the only difference was that there were two healers and it was a ten man run instead of twenty-five.

Perhaps that was just it, that it was an unusual change from the 25 man runs I’m used to, with a team of six good healers who work well together. Healing always scares me anyway, no matter the instance, because there’s so much more pressure on you to do it right. I have no idea how a tank feels about their job, but it can only be worse.

We had a few tries on Putricide, a boss fight I actually enjoy, and I seemed to pick up a bit during that fight. We didn’t down him, and we were a healer short for Blood Princes, so we went to Valithria, got her down in one (I was raid healing, Lhuranan was portal hopping) and finished the raid.

Perhaps it’s just a blip, I hope it’s just a blip, I got better at the end, perhaps they were just fights I enjoyed more so did better naturally. Either way, I’m just hoping that Edicia hasn’t given me a case of The Bads now he’s gone. I did, after all, fill his shoes for most of my healing roles even while he was here.

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