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The Chop

So uh, I mean clarifying what I already know and stuff asides, I found out something of interest yesterday. Our FAILADIN WHO’S CLASS I’M NOT ALLOWED TO MENTION FOR THE NEXT THREE POSTS is hopefully getting the chop soon. Apparently he was ‘ill’ yesterday, and if his performance happened to ‘slip and suck’, that would be why. So uh, either he’s down with some sort of long term illness of “burny stuff is okay other healers will carry me” or it’ll be worse than usual.

As it happens, it was worse than usual. I mean, wow, I wasn’t aware you could drop below zero when measuring performance, but he broke it and now we’re stuck in an infinite loop of suck.

I know Paladins are supposed to be quite heavy overhealers but when 90% of his entire healing done is overhealing, that puts him at around less EHPS than the two Shadow Priests. Take Rotface, for instance, you have one tank taking the heavy boss hits, and one tank (assuming he’s doing his job) not taking many hits at all, what with kiting the oozes rather than tanking them. So he Beacons our kiter, and spams on our tank, most of the time his heals are so powerful and bloody slow that the two Shamans snipe them before they hit. L2Haste. The rest of his healing is spilling over to the kiter who’s already topped off (he takes that few hits that I can Earth Shield him once and it still have charges left at the end of the fight).

Now, if I were a Paladin, I’d just Beacon the main tank, help with raid sniping and then Flash the kiter if he gets hit. Instead, he stood in a stupor pressing two buttons (BEACON HOLY LIGHT LAWL) and failing at it miserably.

Don’t even get me started on Festerbutt. No no no sir. Flash of Light made up most of his heals for this one, a Beaconed tank and a targetted tank, and while his overhealing was actually rather respectable, his EHPS was still on par with a sodding Shadow Priest.

So we down Festergut, and a rather nice healing necklace drops. It goes to our healing officer, for 41 DKP (I can only assume Edicia bid 40, since that’s all he had). That as well as Trauma not dropping meant that two pieces of loot he wanted were gone for this week, and for no reason at all, BAM DISCONNECT. One can only look at the facts and immediately assume ‘ninja QQer’.

Fortunately, we had Sheepless with us, a damn good UNMENTIONABLE CLASS I might add, and we had a few good tries at Putridice before raid over, getting him almost to Phase 3 at times, though there were a few sloppy issues with movement, which we were ironing out come the end of the night.

I managed to fight a good case for Sits to get the Acidic Bloods for the Shadowmourne questline too, our raid leader (Gnoob) asked who wanted them, and since it was only Edicia, I suggested we have Sits bring his alt Warrior in for just those two fights instead. Gnoor bit, and now I can’t help but feel that not only does Edicia have another piece of humble pie to eat over losing the Bloods as well as the items that dropped/didn’t drop, but somebody who might actually make use of them got them instead.

Gnoor is going to speak to Edicia tonight about his performance, personally I want him kicked, and after his little ninja DC stunt last night, quite a few raid members voiced (rather loudly) opinions about having him removed too. I hope Gnoor pays attention to what the people want, I’m still tempted to post a case on the forums as to why he deserves to stay (i.e: he doesn’t) and why we should replace him with a one armed monkey instead.

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