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Progress for the Sake of Progress…

Progress for the Sake of Progress, Must Be Discouraged

So our guild has had some dissent recently about the direction it’s going in. A couple of people (primarily our Holy Knight of Fail Ability of which class I am banned from mentioning in the next handful of posts as I tend to get very tetchy about said class and player) are upset that all we ever seem to do nowadays is wipe on progression bosses.

News Flash: That’s what raiding is.

If it were easy to go through and pick up your 25 free Emblems of Frost as well as whichever weekly was attached, on top of the free epics, then there’d be no point in doing it. The whole point of raiding is to work as a team toward the common goal of clearing the content before the next patch. Most guilds clearly fail here, some are casual, some are loot obsessed, some have no leadership and internal structure, some just fall apart for no reason at all. Wrath of Wisdom has been going since ‘the dawn of time’, according to the forums, though more specifically they were born out of the horrifying ordeal of having to constantly find 39 other people to do Molten Core. To break up over something so silly as ‘lolprogress’ would be just… bah.

Fortunately, the other person complaining is a Boomkin, who’s idea of ‘progress’ is to gear up as many alts as they can in Heroic Dungeon and Weekly Quest epics, and leave it there. Apparently the three hours we spent yesterday only downing one boss and gaining infinite experience on another was just not enough in terms of Frosts per Hour. Well hey, don’t raid, it’s as simple as that.

Which they’ve been told by various people. If you don’t like the fact that not everything will be easy, then don’t bother turning up. Save yourself your 200g repair and Flask cost for the raid, and go gear up alt #345 so you can sit back and go do something faceroll like… everything except ICC.

The problem is, people are upset that we do all of the ‘easy bosses’ in one day and leave nothing but progression for later days. A point to note here is that we don’t have a choice in that, the way Icecrown was designed was that we have to clear the Upper Spire before we can clear anything else. Since we can get seven bosses down without a wipe, that’s over half of our ‘on farm’ bosses gone in a single day. Depending on if we can get Valithria down or not, that might be five bosses down (though Valithria is still ‘progressive’, since we’ve downed her twice ever).

That leaves us Rotface, Festerbutt and Blood Princes as ‘on farm’ bosses for the next two days. One of those days we’ll try Putricide, but in order to do that we’ll need to down Rot and Fester, leaving us only one ‘on farm’ boss for the last raiding day. Until we start getting more bosses ‘on farm’ then it’s going to be imbalanced, but that’s not really a problem, and if it were it’s not one we could help. It’s been the same since ICC’s release, and it’ll be the same until the day the game dies because all that’s left are casual scrubs who need to only press one button and not move from fire in order to win. The attitude, however, that some people are expressing within the guild, seems to point to the fact that they are that sort of person.

In short, though: man the fuck up, and if you don’t like wiping and learning then get the hell out of my raid. But don’t just stand around saying “this isn’t working” and spreading lousy morale just because you’re not getting loot or whatever makes you happy from this game. Some of us want to do better, to push ourselves, to make it work. Your namby pamby attitude of “LOL IT’S TOO HARD” is not helping anybody, and quite frankly we’re better off replacing you a cute Cheerleader, for all the good it would do.

  1. March 29, 2010 at 10:36 am

    I feel the pain, been there done that and got the hell outta dodge.

    I’ve mentioned on my blog re guilds and how frustrating they can be (especially from a GM’s perspective) so I wont go there but my opinion for what it’s worth is if you have a great ‘base’ for your raid team and a few moaners, bitchers etc – get rid.

    They can bring everyone else down. My raid team were incredible, not one person moaned, bitched etc. If they saw someone screw up, they told them and explained why. That person listened, took on board what they said and learn’t and never ever had a go back (especially as they knew I would not accept it) which as you say is what it’s all about.

    Shame things went the way they did for me but currently am enjoying the game again which is what it’s all about.

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