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Hammercleave of Righteous Sealing

I ran an instance with Veir today, my fabulous friendly Holy Priest, and it went particularly well I feel. I’d been waiting to get to level 71 before I started on Nexus, just so I could get Divine Plea and Seal of Command, and boy what a combo. Before 71, I’d been using Seal of Wisdom to keep my mana up but struggling a bit to hold agro on certain classes (one particular Warlock just ripped it off me like the world was ending). Perhaps that’s my own fault, but whatever.

Seal of Command hits an additional two targets with every attack, and Hammer of the Righteous procs Seal of Command on each hit. What that effectively means is I can Hammer three targets, and Seal six, nice for AoE threat especially when it’s all Holy damage. There have been whispers, though, on the Warcraft forums, that Paladins might be getting their AoE threat reduced, and the synergy that was unintentionally created in Hammercleave of the Righteous Sealing is likely going to be broken.

Still, it was a good run and I’ll probably do a couple more before the night is up. I didn’t lose threat at all, nobody died, and despite our Demo Lock’s inability to jump or move during the Keristrasza fight, we managed to clear it in just over thirty minutes. Our DPS were perhaps a little slacky, we had a Feral Cat, a Death Knight of some variety and the Lock spent most of his time without a pet, which meant that I pulled 40% of the whole instance’s DPS, and tanked it, and got a pretty chunk of self healing out of it too. Paladins are a hybrid class to be Reckoned with.

Which adds a second point. Why do people put five points into Reckoning? Your next 4 white attacks will hit twice, and this is a 10% chance when you’re hit. Now, Righteous Fury, our threat generator, only works with Holy abilities. Why then do people feel the need to take Reckoning when all it does is give you an extra attack in one however many hits you do. “Oh but it works well with Seal of Vengeance”. No it doesn’t! Your white attacks do piss all damage, Seal of Vengeance applies only a third of your piss all white attacks as Holy damage, that’s not even threat, you might as well set your arse on fire and waggle it in the poor mob’s face. So where do you pull those four points from? Divine Guardian? But I like my one minute long 20% stronger shield, especially when I’m the only Paladin. Sacred Duty, Combat Expertise? But that’s a 10% Stamina loss right there. Perhaps they just put all 71 talent points into their Protection Tree and completely ignore the huge bonuses elsewhere.

And then there’s that awful group of what is effectively 90% of Paladins who don’t know how to buff. Here’s the answer: PallyPower. A simple addon that allows you to buff an entire 40 man raid group using just your comma (or whatever you set it as) key. Open the interface, pick the buff you want to apply to that class, press comma, ta-da! I hear excuses like “oh it’s so difficult”, yes for a chair leg with an affinity for licking windows perhaps, but you’re a human being with a mind capable of processing a million different things, how can pressing one button be difficult? Or the people who say “but I don’t need it to buff properly”. No, you’re right, you don’t need it for anything, but when you forget consistently that there’s one little guy in the middle of the group who’s buff fell off or was just never given it, then yes you do need it, because it highlights in big red blocks when somebody hasn’t got a buff. It even works with multiple Paladins! Have one person set all of the buffs and off you go, perfect raid buffing right there!

A sub-group in the chair legged window lickers is the group of people that everybody hates. The no-reagents guy. You buy them in stacks of 20 for like, a silver per stack. That’s enough to last you for four dungeons assuming nobody switches out. With a single quest turn in at 70 you can buy 8000 of the damn things. I always carry at least 300 with me, and if I fall below 100 then I’ll buy 200 more. They take up one bag slot for 100 reagents, people are running around with 20 slot bags from charity bosses, what’s your sodding excuse?

Bah, most of my rants on here seem to be about bad Paladins, I really should stop, so for the next few posts I will neglect to use the word Paladin at all in any reference or form.

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