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Recruitment is a Two-Way Process

When you go to a job interview and you sit there shaking uncontrollably (or maybe not), with some big boss asking you questions and making you feel two inches tall, a small part of you is also asking him questions, taking in his actions, the looks and feel of the place you’re going to potentially be working in. It’s a two way process, you’re invited there to show a bit about yourself, and you go there because you want to have a look around and make sure it’s the right place for you.

Guild recruitment is the same thing. Now, I’m pretty tough on recruitment officers, and I actually prefer to have an ingame interview with somebody who represents the guild than just fill in a poxy form on some website.

Now, my loyalties on Shadowsong lie with Wrath of Wisdom, but not all of my characters are in the guild, Pendulus my Holy Priest is one example of that. I was doing VoA25 today, and I got a whisper from somebody who I know has recently started up their own raiding guild by the name of Authority. The conversation was relatively short, the introduction was “we’re looking for a Holy Priest to fill in our raid spots, would you be interested?”. There was no offer of information about the recruiting officer, the raid progress, what would be required of me, not even a mention of “if you want more information than you’re welcome to ask”. So I respond back asking how they found my name, and why they were asking me specifically. No response, just a repeat of the question “would you be interested?”

Now to me that suggests that right there, this particular officer doesn’t care about me as a player, they just want my Guardian Spirit dangling over their tank’s head and my little Renews popping around their awful stand-in-fire DPS. Guilds, of course, recruit for classes too, otherwise you might be stacking 25 Rogues who are all amazing people but not particularly good at raid balance. The impression I got though was that my input or questions were ignored now, so why would they be answered in future. I don’t want to raid to just be a piece of meat for the leader, as a means of progressing the guild’s experiences then being ignored for the other 162 hours a week (assuming 2 raid nights of 3 hours).

When I turned around and said to the officer that recruitment was a two way process, and that I wouldn’t be interested in a guild where I’d just be ignored except for my class, they asked why I didn’t just say ‘no’ in the first place?

Were you not listening to a damn word I just said, Starflex (or whatever your name was)? Two way process. I listen to you, you listen to me. I respect you, you respect me. The very fact you didn’t understand that I was questioning you too for my own feed of communication shows that you are going to be an awful officer, and certainly not someone I want to be.

I’d love to be the recruitment officer for a guild, or even a class leader, because it would mean I could interact with freshers in a way that would be helpful to everybody. The sort of officers that piss me off are the ones that automatically assume you’re wrong just because you might be a bit different. So I didn’t put three points into Elemental Weapons, rather than being told “your spec is wrong sorry we don’t want you”, I want to be asked “what made you put three points elsewhere?”

Sheepless, my recruiting officer at the time, is a Holy Paladin, a class I have a relatively wide knowledge about. When he was recruiting me, I asked him several questions too, just because I could. Any officer that would have shunned me, told me to shut up or that this interview was just about me would have lost my attention right there and then. Sheepless didn’t, he answered my questions, we had a conversation, and I got my guild invite.

So, a toast to Sheepless, the example of how a recruiting officer should be.

  1. April 14, 2010 at 5:25 am

    I do a lot of recruiting for my guild and I understand what your saying. Personality matches are just as important as skill/gear/class.

    I really like it when people whisper me (outside of the raid times we list in all our recruiting advertisments!) and introduce themselves advising that they were going to put through an application shortly. Generally we engage in a little bit of general chat and I actually feel I know the person before I’ve even read a word on their application. This approach shows a mature confident person – who doesn’t want that?

    I do tend to try and stay fairly neutral though whenever anyone whispers me ingame simply because once you’ve made that connection with a person it becomes a lot harder to reject them if they seemed lovely but failed at every other check!

    BTW – Found the blog through Blog Azeroth and really like it 🙂 Look forward to catching up on your other posts too!



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