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A Difficult Find

Wednesday is reset day which means of course that we all get fresh raid lockouts. As a means of trying to stagger our raid progress, Wrath of Wisdom has decided that instead of clearing all of the easy content (Toravon, Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, Gunship Battle, Saurfang, Rotface, Festergut, Blood Princes) in one day then struggling to find sign ups for the next two raid days (because people are too damn lazy to do a few progression raids), we’re going to stagger it a bit so that we do the first quarter of ICC (mandatory) today as well as Blood Princes, then Valithria (and Sindragosa if we get time) on Friday, with Monday being left to Putricide and friends.

Lhuranan wasn’t in today, so I was the only Restoration Shaman in the raid, which also meant that we were one short for our Valithria attempts (since we got Blood Princes down quicker than expected).

However, Blood Princes caused quite a bit of trouble today, for the same reason that the healers struggle every week. A bad link in the chain of what would otherwise be a pretty good circle of healers. Yes, Edicia, yet again, has failed to fulfil what he was supposed to do and caused more wipes than we really should have had. Blood Princes requires two melee tanks (Tomjones and Hellfireblue) and a single ranged tank (Ayk), and it was my job to heal Hellfireblue and Edicia’s job to heal Tomjones. Now, Shaman healers make quite snappy tank healers, especially with the right set of Glyphs. With my trusty Lesser Healing Wave Glyph (20% more healing on targets affected by Earth Shield) and Mana Tide Totem, I managed to heal through the fight with a relatively stable heal pattern (the tank only spiked low a couple of times, which were easily dealt with using Nature’s Swiftness and a Tidal Waved Healing Wave) without running out of mana. Edicia on the other hand, as a Holy Paladin supposedly revered for their tank healing abilities, managed to let his tank die on two consecutive attempts, at which point our healing leader lost her temper and switched our roles over, and then even after he was given the role of healing the easier tank, the damn guy still screwed up and let his tank die!

Now I mean, fair’s fair if he lacked gear or if the tank was particularly squishy, but he’s running around in almost full 264s and our main tank is running around in similar quality gear, which is perfect (if not a shade over) for what’s required for these lower-ICC encounters.

A second point to note, on our Valithria fight, there are six healers (perhaps one too few), and four of them use the portals to the Emerald Dream, myself, Edicia, Lhuranan (though it was one of our Boomkins in Resto off-spec today) and Molotov, our top Druid healer. In every Valithria fight so far, me and Lhuranan always come out on top, skating around 15-20k EHPS, with Molotov a shade under (13-15k) and Edicia about the same. Now, it might just be me but last I checked Paladins were considered the best single target healers around, and skimming through multiple 25 man guild raiding logs across the realm, it’s not uncommon that Holy Paladins end up way on top. So then, why is Edicia falling short by 5k EHPS every time, surely he should be whipping out 50-80k (at least) Holy Lights every second and a half (Beaconed too, I should add) and dominating the meters for healing. Now I’m no meter whore but in a fight where healing is the difference between hitting the enrage and wiping, and clearing it with ten seconds to spare, then the effective healing of each portal hopper is particularly important. The fact that the best single target healer in the game is falling below the jack-of-all-trades master-of-none Shaman clearly highlights that there are some pretty significant problems existing between the chair and the keyboard.

That’s not the only thing, either. He’s loot-obsessed (as my previous post suggests), which means that after every trash or boss pull he takes a five minute AFK break to go check his DKP figures and make sure he has enough to bid on the next item. This wouldn’t be a problem because most of the time there’s no need for six healers on trash pulls, but when he decides to AFK in the upper spire with the Valkyrie’s flying around, it’s starting to become bothersome. He managed to pull one of said Valkyrie’s today, which immediately killed him then charged at the healers and ranged, spawned a bunch of clones and wiped out half of our group. Yay, a combined total of 100g repair bills just because he can’t do some basic mental arithmatic and not AFK in the middle of raids. Even when he’s not pulling agro by being AFK, he’s never ready for the first ready check, he’s standing in the wrong place, he’s not flasked, he’s not buffing/buffed, by some disgrace of god he’s just not with us for raiding.

I want to complain, I so do. I’m not the only person who is starting to lose their temper with him. Tomjones, the main tank he let die twice, messaged me today congratulating me on my healing and confessed that he too thought Edicia was an idiot, and seemed to agree that I should MT heal more often. Esmi, our healing leader, lost her temper over Vent (she has never done that before) today, part of which I’m pretty sure was fueled by the lack of preparation just on his part.

But alas, I’m too downspoken, too new to really have an opinion in the guild. Yes, I’m a full time raider now and I have been for just over a week, but it’s just not my place to say outright how I feel. The best I can do is simply offer to help in every way I can to cover the slack (as if I’m not running my balls to the walls already covering for him, hence the tank healer switching) and hope that the rope that our guild officers are giving him every raid is enough for him to hang himself with.

Part of the problem is that we don’t have anybody else to replace him with. Our recruitment officer and Paladin class leader recently left due to inactivity, meaning that we only have one Holy Paladin in the guild, and the odds of finding one in the current gaming climate seem slim-to-none. It’s not just Paladins we’re suffering to recruit, either, Holy Priests are also in horribly short demand.

What is it with the word ‘Holy’ and ‘retard’ sitting hand in hand? Holy Paladin, look at Edicia for example. Holy Priest, the only Holy Priest we have in the guild is usually mob bait two minutes into any fight, and they spend more time calling for Innervates than actually healing. If only we could recruit one decent Holy Priest and one decent Holy Paladin, we might be able to ditch the slack and get ourselves a decent healing ring.

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