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Loot Whores

Ever get angry because you’ve lost a piece of loot that you’ve wanted for so long? Ever get angry because RNG wasn’t in your favor and you rolled a 99 whilst they rolled a 100? What about if you were too busy feeding your cat or masturbating or changing your Spotify to see the loot call, and then get frustrated because it was given to someone else?

Wrath of Wisdom uses a DKP method to distribute loot in raids. Every raid you attend gives you 5 DKP. Every time an item drops you can whisper the Master Looter anonymously an amount of DKP to bid, and the highest bidder wins the item, with the amount of their bid deducted from their current DKP score. If more than one person bids, then the highest bidder gets it for the second highest bidder’s DKP call +1. Person A bids 12, Person B bids 22, Person B wins it for 13, simple.

Now, being so new to the guild, I only had 20 DKP, while a fellow Holy Paladin of mine named Edicia, had 38. We were playing around with Lord Marrowgar on the 25 man version and guess what, Bulwark of Smouldering Steel drops. Now, Edicia is using Zom’s Cracking Bulwark and I’m using Vigilant Ward. He’s been wanting this shield for weeks, every time Marrowgar has died he’s wanted it to drop. Me, on the other hand, didn’t even know it existed, I walked into the raid with no intention of winning anything, and if something nice drops (which it did) I’d stick a bid on it.

I put my bid in. 20 DKP, it was too good to pass up on. I presumed I’d lose it anyway, since he had 38 DKP. Nothing happened. 3. 2. 1. Shield goes to Totemshock for 2 DKP. Fifteen seconds is all it took. “WHAT THE HELL I DIDN’T SEE THE BID I BID 38 DKP PLEASE LET ME BID I WAS AFK I DIDN’T SEE THE CALL”. Loot Master tells him he missed it, his own fault, he says nothing, absolute fucking trooper about it, right on the chin. Until I get some disturbing whispers. We moved onto Deathwhisper, and during the Deathwhisper trash I got this:

[19:47:20] [W From] [80:Edicia:5] u can trade me, please
[19:47:30] [W From] [80:Edicia:5] u have caused my suicide just so u know

Not so much on the chin as I thought. I mean, what sort of person do you have to be to even consider threatening suicide, just for attention, even without intention, over a piece of loot. Of course, I found it utterly hilarious that somebody would try to guilt me into handing over an item by threatening to kill themselves, as if I particularly cared about what somebody who I’d never met or spoken to before that particular raid would do with their life. Anyway, the whispers carry on.

[19:49:17] [W From] [80:Edicia:5] im crying right now just so u know…

For real. It’s a good job we were only on Deathwhisper trash because I bust a nut right there and then laughing. Now, I’d have felt sympathy and even handed over the shield if one, just one condition hadn’t been met, the reason I acquired it wasn’t fair on him. But it was, the Master Looter called out in /rw, gave his usual 60 seconds to whisper him bids, and handed it over, all in the right way no different to the way he did any other time. The fact that the guy had just been too tied up with AFKing to whisper (certainly, if I’d have seen a piece of loot I wanted and had wanted for weeks drop, the last thing I’d do is AFK even if my entire flat were on fire and there were armed gunmen outside my window) was his own damn fault. On top of that, trying to emotionally blackmail me about it too.

Now, I’m not a total dick, I’m aware people get a bit frustrated over video games and I’m the same, I’ve been known to raise my voice and slam my hands down on my desk in frustration, so I presumed his emotional blackmail and utter stupidity were just his ways of venting frustration. I let it pass by remaining calm, telling him that Slater (our Loot Master) had used all of the right channels to give it to somebody, and that being AFK was his own fault. The Paladin, however, even went so far as to say in /ra: “if its ok with u slater can totem give me the shield?”. Outrage. Slater and our Guild Master, Esmi, both turned around and said “Totem won it, shut up”. A small victory for me.

Perhaps he calmed down later but I don’t really think he did. He gave me an enchant scroll for it (25 Int) for free as an apology, but then spent the rest of the evening in guild chat (and still, even a week later he mentions it) asking people to go to church and pray the shield drops again. What I find amusing is that there’s still another Holy Paladin who wants it. Phwoar if he loses the shield a second time in a row, I’ll die laughing.

Long story short, though. Loot is loot, it drops more than once, there’s no need to cry and cut yourself over it. And there’s no point trying to get sympathy from me, I’ll just giggle and mark you as an emotional pussy for all future references.

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