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Introductions Suck

So I’ve been playing World of Warcraft since November 2008, not all that long ago compared to some of the Vanilla veterans, so with that being said, I’ll clarify now that I know nothing about Vanilla or The Burning Crusade other than idle banter and speculation. I’m now into my seventeenth month of play and I have a host of characters that I should probably introduce. As the blog title suggests, I have a bit of a thing towards Draenei, they look quite cool and their current racials are definitely quite staggering. The blog generally is just a collection of my rants, experiences, more rants, and even more rants about anything I encounter in my day to day play. It might be people, guilds, content, even me, yes most of the time I’ll just rant about me. But enough of that, an introduction to the characters that I’m likely going to be ranting about.

Péndulus is a Draenei Death Knight, level 71, Unholy specced and geared to tank. He’s mostly my Blacksmith alt, a project I picked up when I was bored and then ultimately became even more bored. I highly doubt he’ll be used any time soon, he’s been idling in Dalaran for so long that he’s hit the rested experience cap several times over.

Shiftstorm is my Night Elf Druid, only because Draenei can’t be Druids (fuck you I can turn into a wolf as a Shaman, why can’t I turn into a bear as a Druid?), another failed project currently sitting at level 33. I wanted to make a tanking class along with my partner Veir, but after realising that Druids were horribly Swipe-whoring I gave it up in place of a Paladin, who doesn’t have to sit twiddling her thumbs whilst rage generates or whatever.

Squigstorm is my Draenei Hunter, mostly a PvP character, a lowly level 21 who dominated the 10-19 bracket and intends to do so for the 20-29 bracket. Something about Hunters enticed me to play them right from the off, yes, Disengage. After playing Ragnarok Online for many years and seeing Hunters firing arrows at people point blank, I always thought it’d be interesting to see them be able to do the opposite of what the melee want, instead of closing the distance, make it greater. Nowadays I find myself dumping half a dozen arrows into some poor Orc’s face, Freeze Trapping, Disengaging them dropping the rest of the dozen arrows into various other orifices. I don’t really have plans to level him all that much, running around with Doris the Dragonhawk annoying the tits offa people with traps is plenty fun enough for me.

Squiggle is my Draenei Paladin, my new leveling project because tanking is the only role I’ve never really played (apart from Péndulus who I obviously got bored of). Currently sitting at level 70, the same level as Veir, and anxious to start tanking the content that I know about. After tanking through the majority of Vanilla and The Burning Crusade, I’m proud to say that I’m a filthy casual who enjoys the Wrath content more than the stupid-pull-let’s-CC-this-fuck-we-wiped content that made up the previous two games. Incidentally, I have a level 80 Blood Elf Holy Paladin on another realm who ran through the majority of ToC10/25 content (and some Heroic, too) during 3.2, so this one won’t be off-specced as Holy unless I decide to lose my mind again.

Pendulus is my Draenei Priest, level 80 and specced Holy. Previously my main, now taking a back seat to my Shaman, my Priest is sitting in Tier 9.10 gear and a slither of Triumph welfare items and ToC10 loot. Currently off-specced as Shadow, but will likely change back to Disc, I’ve played Affliction Locks recently and it makes Shadow look like pants.

Sincraft is my bank alt Rogue, the only Human in my arsenal and not even dressed to impress. As a bank alt, I feel he should have his own guild, Diamond-Tipped Cane, top hat and tuxedo, the usual bank alt rubbish. Instead he sits with some un-used Leather Heirloom shoulders and his two level 1 daggers outside the Exodar bank and mail box, being my transfer dummy for all of my unused rubbish. Doesn’t even have bags, some bank alt.

Totemshock is my big boss main, a Draenei of epic power, sitting in mostly ICC25 gear as part of Wrath of Wisdom, my also epic guild. I managed to join Wrath of Wisdom a couple of weeks ago after impressing the recruitment officer (god knows how, I surely don’t), passed my trial within a week (the poor Shaman who was recruited at the same time as me took twice as long) and am a fully fledged raider. I play Restoration most of the time, I only usually use my Elemental spec to PvP with (despite being a PvE spec), my DPS isn’t high enough for ICC25, and my healing is just too good to miss. We only have one other Resto Shaman in the guild (<3 Lhu), and we make quite a good team, he’s particularly competitive on the meters so I have to stay on my toes.

Shadowgrasp is my final, smallest (in more than one way) contribution to this blog, my little Gnome Warlock, Affliction specced and level 76, I play him when I’m bored, and boy does Affliction rock. I haven’t been in a PuG for as long as I can remember where I haven’t done at least 50% more damage than the next best DPS. That being said, putting out so much damage means I spend half of my OOC time Life Tapping, to much annoyance of the healers. Also a town-stalker, he’s sitting on his rested experience cap, which means most dungeons I run give up about 20% of a level. Cha-ching.

Now by no means will this blog be anything so much as accurate in information I give, I play my own way regardless of what wowhead or elitistjerks say, sometimes I just deviate from their advice because I can. What I’m trying to say is to take everything with a pinch of salt, if something I say displeases you then don’t read (or alternatively, leave me a comment that I’ll just delete anyway), and enjoy the rambling rantings of a Squidgoatpriestshamandeathknighthunterwarl— you get the idea.

  1. March 15, 2010 at 11:38 am

    I just started my subscription up again and I see you have priest / shaman.

    I have this dilema. I love the priest class (have a belf @ 44 and a nelf @ 27) and I did have a shammy @ 20 something but deleted it.

    I really like the shammy class and priest and if I’m to get back into it I think for levelling I need to decide what one to prioritise so as you have both what one would you say is the most fun to level, why is that and for end game what one is best. I would prefer to dps as thats all I really know, my pally is a healer but I’m not the greatest.

    Any advice would surely help and if you say shammy I may have to raise a ticket and get ‘Badassvoodoo’ back 😉

    • March 15, 2010 at 12:18 pm

      Hi dvotee,

      I can’t believe how fast I got a comment, I only set up this blog an hour ago so it’s nice to see at least one person having a snoop around. On to your question though.

      I have to say, Priest was my first healer character (I only made my Shaman a couple of months ago) and I leveled all the way to 80 as Holy (people who level as Shadow have no idea). I leveled my Shaman as Enhance which was considerably easier. Until you get to a reasonable level (40+), Priest leveling is going to utterly suck, you’ll be wanding, casting DoTs, drinking, more drinking, repeat. Shamans branch into two specs, Elemental and Enhance, with the latter considerably easier to level, but it doesn’t really shine until 40 either, at which point you pick up dual wielding. However, after the nightmare that was Holy leveling, I’d have to say Shaman was a lot easier to deal with.

      With that said, as of 3.3 and the new dungeon finder, leveling any class isn’t too difficult, if you have a healer spec somewhere on your character (which is even easier now you can dual-spec) you can just use the Looking For Group tool right up to 58 (at which point Outlands questing is vastly quicker than dungeons), or just pop into a group every now and again between questing, which makes the grind to 80 seem a lot less boring. Restoration Shamans have a healing edge earlier on, I feel, because Holy Priests don’t have a means of in-combat mana regeneration, and Discipline Priests just feel weak until they get Penance. If you want to use the LFG tool as DPS, you’re better running as Shaman for the same reasons listed above, Priests just make awful DPS characters pre-40, Shamans at least stand a fighting chance.

      End-game is a tricky call, I haven’t played Shadow since 3.1 (which was what, over six months ago), and I only play Elemental when I PuG. The Shadow ‘rotation’ looks difficult, but if you use a smart UI and addons it’s easy to manage. The hardest part of Shadow is keeping up your three DoTs without them expiring, which is no easy task, but I find that if you have an addon to track them it makes life easier. Other than that, you only have two other skills to mash, Mind Blast (when it’s off cooldown) or Mind Flay (as a filler), though there are perks and tricks to play around with too. The one thing about Shadow is the lack of ‘big boost’ cooldowns, where other classes have abilities that boost their damage or whatever for a short period of time, Shadow Priests don’t. I’m no expert on Shadow Priests though, but I’d certainly recommend looking at Anathema’s Blog if you want a bit more information from the eyes of a Shadow/Discipline Priest.

      Elemental is fairly simple, you only have one DoT (Flame Shock) to track and hopefully keep up 100% of the time, and most of your skills revolve around cooldowns. Lava Burst is your primary spell, with Chain Lightning and Lightning Bolt as fillers. It’s as simple as that really. Unlike Shadow Priests, we do get a couple of nice cooldown abilities like Elemental Mastery, which gives us 15% haste for a few seconds. We also provide the fabled 5% caster crit buff to the raid, as well as Bloodlust/Heroism, which is much sought after in raids.

      I’ve rambled on (as I do) quite a bit, if there’s anything I’ve missed you’re more than welcome to ask some more questions, though I hope this answers them at least somewhat.

  2. March 15, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    Hey you are welcome….Readomattic f.t.w. and tags ;)use plenty of em to help people find you, although saying that no one ever visits me (cry)

    Thanks for the advice. I do find the priest really hard especially in dungeons as I’m always oom so need to play catch up, espcially as every 5 minutes someone says ‘link recount’

    I’ll check that blog out thanks very much. I’ve always fancied a priest and my horde char Dvotee was in fact my second char but being new to the game and not understanding the mechanics I soon thought jeez I die a lot so put her to bed. I dusted her off about 3 months ago and got her to 44 ok but just through questing (althought from 40 i used DF)but there is something about the priest that just appeals. And I have my nelf priest, shes a sexy lil number so maybe she needs work.

    I guess maybe I’ll get my shammy back and then play between the 2 for a few days and then decide what one to priortise.

    Happy blogging 😉

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