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The Chop

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

So uh, I mean clarifying what I already know and stuff asides, I found out something of interest yesterday. Our FAILADIN WHO’S CLASS I’M NOT ALLOWED TO MENTION FOR THE NEXT THREE POSTS is hopefully getting the chop soon. Apparently he was ‘ill’ yesterday, and if his performance happened to ‘slip and suck’, that would be why. So uh, either he’s down with some sort of long term illness of “burny stuff is okay other healers will carry me” or it’ll be worse than usual.

As it happens, it was worse than usual. I mean, wow, I wasn’t aware you could drop below zero when measuring performance, but he broke it and now we’re stuck in an infinite loop of suck.

I know Paladins are supposed to be quite heavy overhealers but when 90% of his entire healing done is overhealing, that puts him at around less EHPS than the two Shadow Priests. Take Rotface, for instance, you have one tank taking the heavy boss hits, and one tank (assuming he’s doing his job) not taking many hits at all, what with kiting the oozes rather than tanking them. So he Beacons our kiter, and spams on our tank, most of the time his heals are so powerful and bloody slow that the two Shamans snipe them before they hit. L2Haste. The rest of his healing is spilling over to the kiter who’s already topped off (he takes that few hits that I can Earth Shield him once and it still have charges left at the end of the fight).

Now, if I were a Paladin, I’d just Beacon the main tank, help with raid sniping and then Flash the kiter if he gets hit. Instead, he stood in a stupor pressing two buttons (BEACON HOLY LIGHT LAWL) and failing at it miserably.

Don’t even get me started on Festerbutt. No no no sir. Flash of Light made up most of his heals for this one, a Beaconed tank and a targetted tank, and while his overhealing was actually rather respectable, his EHPS was still on par with a sodding Shadow Priest.

So we down Festergut, and a rather nice healing necklace drops. It goes to our healing officer, for 41 DKP (I can only assume Edicia bid 40, since that’s all he had). That as well as Trauma not dropping meant that two pieces of loot he wanted were gone for this week, and for no reason at all, BAM DISCONNECT. One can only look at the facts and immediately assume ‘ninja QQer’.

Fortunately, we had Sheepless with us, a damn good UNMENTIONABLE CLASS I might add, and we had a few good tries at Putridice before raid over, getting him almost to Phase 3 at times, though there were a few sloppy issues with movement, which we were ironing out come the end of the night.

I managed to fight a good case for Sits to get the Acidic Bloods for the Shadowmourne questline too, our raid leader (Gnoob) asked who wanted them, and since it was only Edicia, I suggested we have Sits bring his alt Warrior in for just those two fights instead. Gnoor bit, and now I can’t help but feel that not only does Edicia have another piece of humble pie to eat over losing the Bloods as well as the items that dropped/didn’t drop, but somebody who might actually make use of them got them instead.

Gnoor is going to speak to Edicia tonight about his performance, personally I want him kicked, and after his little ninja DC stunt last night, quite a few raid members voiced (rather loudly) opinions about having him removed too. I hope Gnoor pays attention to what the people want, I’m still tempted to post a case on the forums as to why he deserves to stay (i.e: he doesn’t) and why we should replace him with a one armed monkey instead.


Progress for the Sake of Progress…

March 27, 2010 1 comment

Progress for the Sake of Progress, Must Be Discouraged

So our guild has had some dissent recently about the direction it’s going in. A couple of people (primarily our Holy Knight of Fail Ability of which class I am banned from mentioning in the next handful of posts as I tend to get very tetchy about said class and player) are upset that all we ever seem to do nowadays is wipe on progression bosses.

News Flash: That’s what raiding is.

If it were easy to go through and pick up your 25 free Emblems of Frost as well as whichever weekly was attached, on top of the free epics, then there’d be no point in doing it. The whole point of raiding is to work as a team toward the common goal of clearing the content before the next patch. Most guilds clearly fail here, some are casual, some are loot obsessed, some have no leadership and internal structure, some just fall apart for no reason at all. Wrath of Wisdom has been going since ‘the dawn of time’, according to the forums, though more specifically they were born out of the horrifying ordeal of having to constantly find 39 other people to do Molten Core. To break up over something so silly as ‘lolprogress’ would be just… bah.

Fortunately, the other person complaining is a Boomkin, who’s idea of ‘progress’ is to gear up as many alts as they can in Heroic Dungeon and Weekly Quest epics, and leave it there. Apparently the three hours we spent yesterday only downing one boss and gaining infinite experience on another was just not enough in terms of Frosts per Hour. Well hey, don’t raid, it’s as simple as that.

Which they’ve been told by various people. If you don’t like the fact that not everything will be easy, then don’t bother turning up. Save yourself your 200g repair and Flask cost for the raid, and go gear up alt #345 so you can sit back and go do something faceroll like… everything except ICC.

The problem is, people are upset that we do all of the ‘easy bosses’ in one day and leave nothing but progression for later days. A point to note here is that we don’t have a choice in that, the way Icecrown was designed was that we have to clear the Upper Spire before we can clear anything else. Since we can get seven bosses down without a wipe, that’s over half of our ‘on farm’ bosses gone in a single day. Depending on if we can get Valithria down or not, that might be five bosses down (though Valithria is still ‘progressive’, since we’ve downed her twice ever).

That leaves us Rotface, Festerbutt and Blood Princes as ‘on farm’ bosses for the next two days. One of those days we’ll try Putricide, but in order to do that we’ll need to down Rot and Fester, leaving us only one ‘on farm’ boss for the last raiding day. Until we start getting more bosses ‘on farm’ then it’s going to be imbalanced, but that’s not really a problem, and if it were it’s not one we could help. It’s been the same since ICC’s release, and it’ll be the same until the day the game dies because all that’s left are casual scrubs who need to only press one button and not move from fire in order to win. The attitude, however, that some people are expressing within the guild, seems to point to the fact that they are that sort of person.

In short, though: man the fuck up, and if you don’t like wiping and learning then get the hell out of my raid. But don’t just stand around saying “this isn’t working” and spreading lousy morale just because you’re not getting loot or whatever makes you happy from this game. Some of us want to do better, to push ourselves, to make it work. Your namby pamby attitude of “LOL IT’S TOO HARD” is not helping anybody, and quite frankly we’re better off replacing you a cute Cheerleader, for all the good it would do.


March 25, 2010 Leave a comment

This is the third week our guild has been working on Valithria 25, and in my opinion the healing is going fine, a few tweaks to make across the board but otherwise fine. We’ve downed her both weeks previously, though both weeks took a good ten or so wipes to actually get going, and both successful attempts were made at the 21:50 mark when the raid had resolved to “one more try then we call it for the night”.

The good news is, I won a relatively nice helmet for myself, and by relatively nice I mean ‘it suits me perfectly since I’m nearly Haste soft-capped, so a change to crit is just a little extra push’. The bad news is that we don’t really have her on farm and in order for us to heal her to full, we all have to give up 100g to the wonderful repair guy before he bribes enough mobs to let us win easily.

Today’s raid came with a gut wrenching shock. Esmi was on Standby. Esmi is our healing leader and one of the best healers we have (along with Lhuranan and Molotov), and with a lack of Molotov also, we were two good healers down. In their place, we had a fresh faced Druid who’d recently migrated from my previous guild, and a fresh faced Holy Priest who’d been here once before, but had a little trouble ‘staying alive’. The other healers were me, Lhuranan, Drusskand (Boomkin-turned-Resto Druid) and Edicia. Lhuranan took over healing priorities today, not that they were needed for the most part, but he did a good job nonetheless. We also had our Elemental Shaman, Vorm, go Resto after a handful of wipes because the healers outside were seemingly struggling to keep up the other 19 non-portaling people.

In regards to portals, I’m going to make a bold statement which isn’t backed by empirical evidence, but instead nurtured by gossip, rumors and general experience. Personally, I would love a second opinion on the matter, but I’m going to say it anyway. Druids don’t make perfect tank healers. Nor do Shamans. The highest throughput class right now for tank healing is a Paladin, which we only have one of.

Now, our portal hopping crew usually consists of me, Lhuranan, Molotov/Drusskand and Edicia. Today, Lhuranan stayed outside to raid heal since the newbies would be less hard-pressed by portal hopping, meaning that our usual lineup of two Shamans, a Druid and a Paladin became one Shaman, two Druids and a Paladin. Not the best raid makeup, at least in single target EHPS.

The new Druid did amazingly well for a first try, she picked up a good stack count and didn’t miss any portals, and ended up leveling with Drusskand for healing, who were a shade below Edicia, who was a fair bit behind me. Our Holy Priest and Lhuranan did a wonderful job outside keeping everybody up, but there were a few DPS problems that I won’t really run into, let’s just leave it with two words: Blazing Skeletons. The tanking wasn’t too bad, but we kept losing tanks randomly even when we had three, and mobs would sometimes get loose and gank a healer, so definite room for improvement there. What with the new Icy Touch buff, it might not be a bad idea to have a Death Knight tank here, from the things I’ve read about the buff, pulling agro off of an Icy Touched mob is near impossible now.

There are three things we (as the healing group) need to do to be the best of the best at this fight:

1) A better healing lineup: two Druids isn’t cutting it, they should be on the raid and we should have another Holy Paladin portal hopping with our existing Paladin and two Shamans.
2) Healers need to be aware of their best EHPS single target rotation: ElitistJerks has a million and one spreadsheets that will inform you of your best outputs, for instance a Shaman’s best output is Riptide -> Healing Wave -> Healing Wave -> Healing Wave -> Repeat, but what about a Holy Paladin or Resto Druid? Look these things up and improve. On top of that, we need to be learning how best to time our Cooldowns to coincide with things like Heroism, that includes the outside Priest using Guardian Spirit a little more often on Valithria if it’s not been wasted on another raider. It finally means things like Wild Magic or Speed potions, that extra throughput along with your Cooldowns and Heroism is going to put you at the cutting edge of your abilities.
3) Edicia needs to man the fuck up and heal properly: I spent my entire day today with Edicia on focus, looking at specific buffs and their uptimes, and it was dreadful. Wrath of Wisdom is cursed in that we don’t have a Paladin leader, and nobody asides me has a significant amount of Holy Paladin experience, so I’m the only person who can ‘improve him’. Last week I got Esmi to persuade him to swap out his old Glyph set for Glyph of Light (5% healz yeahhh), but even with that he’s still not performing. One of his best throughput buffs, Judgements of the Just, provides him with 15% Spell Haste for a whole minute, and yet the uptime on it is awful, for all of our attempts he’d use it for the pull and then forget it exists. No wonder he’s underperforming when he’s losing 15% of his throughput right there.

I spent a good few minutes talking to our raid leader for the day, Gnoor (Fatty, Gnoob, whatever you want to call him), and I’m not the only one who wants to throttle Edicia. The problem is all he’s told me to do is ‘speak to Esmi’. Well Esmi has already admitted she’s not an authority on Holy Paladins, so what am I supposed to say? I’m aware that explaining the basics is beautifully easy for somebody with her level of comprehension, but explaining to somebody like Edicia is not going to be quite as easy. I stand by what I said in a previous post, it’s not the class that’s causing the fault, because even if the class had every potential available unlocked, there’d still be a dribbling idiot sitting behind the monitor mashing his happy little face into his happy little keyboard and hoping he wins. I just hope that we get a new Holy Paladin raider soon so we can ditch him entirely, before one of us ends up saying something we regret.

Hammercleave of Righteous Sealing

March 20, 2010 Leave a comment

I ran an instance with Veir today, my fabulous friendly Holy Priest, and it went particularly well I feel. I’d been waiting to get to level 71 before I started on Nexus, just so I could get Divine Plea and Seal of Command, and boy what a combo. Before 71, I’d been using Seal of Wisdom to keep my mana up but struggling a bit to hold agro on certain classes (one particular Warlock just ripped it off me like the world was ending). Perhaps that’s my own fault, but whatever.

Seal of Command hits an additional two targets with every attack, and Hammer of the Righteous procs Seal of Command on each hit. What that effectively means is I can Hammer three targets, and Seal six, nice for AoE threat especially when it’s all Holy damage. There have been whispers, though, on the Warcraft forums, that Paladins might be getting their AoE threat reduced, and the synergy that was unintentionally created in Hammercleave of the Righteous Sealing is likely going to be broken.

Still, it was a good run and I’ll probably do a couple more before the night is up. I didn’t lose threat at all, nobody died, and despite our Demo Lock’s inability to jump or move during the Keristrasza fight, we managed to clear it in just over thirty minutes. Our DPS were perhaps a little slacky, we had a Feral Cat, a Death Knight of some variety and the Lock spent most of his time without a pet, which meant that I pulled 40% of the whole instance’s DPS, and tanked it, and got a pretty chunk of self healing out of it too. Paladins are a hybrid class to be Reckoned with.

Which adds a second point. Why do people put five points into Reckoning? Your next 4 white attacks will hit twice, and this is a 10% chance when you’re hit. Now, Righteous Fury, our threat generator, only works with Holy abilities. Why then do people feel the need to take Reckoning when all it does is give you an extra attack in one however many hits you do. “Oh but it works well with Seal of Vengeance”. No it doesn’t! Your white attacks do piss all damage, Seal of Vengeance applies only a third of your piss all white attacks as Holy damage, that’s not even threat, you might as well set your arse on fire and waggle it in the poor mob’s face. So where do you pull those four points from? Divine Guardian? But I like my one minute long 20% stronger shield, especially when I’m the only Paladin. Sacred Duty, Combat Expertise? But that’s a 10% Stamina loss right there. Perhaps they just put all 71 talent points into their Protection Tree and completely ignore the huge bonuses elsewhere.

And then there’s that awful group of what is effectively 90% of Paladins who don’t know how to buff. Here’s the answer: PallyPower. A simple addon that allows you to buff an entire 40 man raid group using just your comma (or whatever you set it as) key. Open the interface, pick the buff you want to apply to that class, press comma, ta-da! I hear excuses like “oh it’s so difficult”, yes for a chair leg with an affinity for licking windows perhaps, but you’re a human being with a mind capable of processing a million different things, how can pressing one button be difficult? Or the people who say “but I don’t need it to buff properly”. No, you’re right, you don’t need it for anything, but when you forget consistently that there’s one little guy in the middle of the group who’s buff fell off or was just never given it, then yes you do need it, because it highlights in big red blocks when somebody hasn’t got a buff. It even works with multiple Paladins! Have one person set all of the buffs and off you go, perfect raid buffing right there!

A sub-group in the chair legged window lickers is the group of people that everybody hates. The no-reagents guy. You buy them in stacks of 20 for like, a silver per stack. That’s enough to last you for four dungeons assuming nobody switches out. With a single quest turn in at 70 you can buy 8000 of the damn things. I always carry at least 300 with me, and if I fall below 100 then I’ll buy 200 more. They take up one bag slot for 100 reagents, people are running around with 20 slot bags from charity bosses, what’s your sodding excuse?

Bah, most of my rants on here seem to be about bad Paladins, I really should stop, so for the next few posts I will neglect to use the word Paladin at all in any reference or form.

Class Roles

March 19, 2010 Leave a comment

The role check is there in LFG so that, if you can fill a particular role for an instance, you queue as it. Tanks call mobs pussies and keep their aggression, DPS take them hard from behind, and Healers mop up the mess left afterwards. Simple.

Why then, is the transition to Outlands so hard to manage? I’m a Druid, and yes I’m only level 57 but I’ve cleared Hellfire Ramparts more times than I care to remember as a tank, DPS and healer across various classes. Just an hour ago I had a highly successful run with a Feral Druid tanking, nobody died, I had to use Tranquility a couple of times to mop up some tricky pulls but overall it was a complete success. This was in my Azeroth gear, with no Elixirs or even mana drinks, the healing was just that smooth.

I queue for my second group, I want to get to 60-ish just running Ramps, it’ll gear me up amazingly well for questing and it means I’ll have a bit of a head start on Hellfire Peninsula (meaning I can do less of shitty Nagrand for the sixth time in a year), and bing, group pops up in less than a minute.

Level 58 Protection Warrior with 4k HP, Azeroth geared also. Fair enough to him, I’m in my Azeroth gear and he might surprise me. Then again, he might not. Level 62 Death Knight, Unholy specced. Level 64 Rogue, no idea what the spec was. Level 60 Elemental Shaman rocking the beautiful Wrath Totem.

It becomes immediately clear on the first pull of two plus patrol that the Warrior isn’t going to be able to hold agro over the Shaman or the Death Knight. No matter, we carry on, no deaths and no Tranquilities blown yet, so we might be okay. We get to the pack of three casters on the first corridor, and the Death Knight’s pet manages to pull two additional packs. Tranquility number one, no matter because we wiped all the same, even with two HoTs on every person and a massive Tranquility raining from the sky. The Death Knight asks if he can tank instead, and the Warrior agrees. Given that the Death Knight has been getting agro for quite a lot of the instance (or rather, as much as we’d run which was only five or six pulls), I assumed it wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

First pull, he’s in Blood Presence. I call him out on it, he says “I can tank in any presence”, then immediate drops dead despite my best heals. The Warrior picks up, we clear it fine apart from the single death. Ressed up, he switches to Frost and doesn’t say anything more, I presume out of shame but probably not. At this point I’d like to note that Death Grip is not a toy. If you want to use it, then use it properly! Which in this case it wasn’t. He death grips melee mobs, leaving casters at the back with no threat on them ready to pick on me the second a HoT lands. Why would you do that? Surely it would make more sense to Grip the caster if you need to and then have the melee come to you, that way they’re all in range and the poor Druid won’t be pulling with a single Rejuvination.

We get the first boss down with relative ease, and pull everything up to the courtyard on the upper level, where the tricky pulls are because of the patrols that run around in the three groups. Bam, immediately he aggros multiple packs because he fails at timing his Death Grip. We manage to get most of them down, I blow another Tranquility, then a pack rears up behind from one of the fleeing patrols, wipes me down (if I could have Shadowmelded I would have, but it’s never off CD because of the amount of times I’ve ripped agro on casters because the tank hasn’t even dumped a DoT on them), and proceeds to kill off the rest of the group.

On top of that whole shitty tank ordeal, the Rogue that was the highest level in the group was pulling a whopping 200 DPS. I called him out in chat, and in whisper, I even went so far as to inspect him, I have no idea what the fuck he was doing but it wasn’t DPSing. I wonder if it was just some poor guy with only one arm trying to use his mouse with his tongue and his keyboard with his foot so he can use his only free arm to masturbate with.

I’m aware that perhaps I’m a little low to be running Ramps, my heals are underwhelming but my Healing Touch can top up a 4k tank right away, my Regrowth hits for 2k immediate and my HoTs tick at 300-400 every 3 seconds, there’s absolutely no reason you should be able to take more damage than that unless you’re retarded. Oh wait.

Frost Presence doesn’t make you a tank in the same way that a Feral Druid in healing gear doesn’t make a good healer. Mix and match might have worked in the Vanilla dungeons you ran recently, where the mobs only hit for 6 damage and then apologised before bandaging you up, but this is big boy town. If you don’t have a tank spec with your mitigation talents and reasonable threat generation, then don’t come to the table and pretend you’re a tank.

People will never learn. It gets better with Wrath, I’ve found, but only just.

Recruitment is a Two-Way Process

March 18, 2010 1 comment

When you go to a job interview and you sit there shaking uncontrollably (or maybe not), with some big boss asking you questions and making you feel two inches tall, a small part of you is also asking him questions, taking in his actions, the looks and feel of the place you’re going to potentially be working in. It’s a two way process, you’re invited there to show a bit about yourself, and you go there because you want to have a look around and make sure it’s the right place for you.

Guild recruitment is the same thing. Now, I’m pretty tough on recruitment officers, and I actually prefer to have an ingame interview with somebody who represents the guild than just fill in a poxy form on some website.

Now, my loyalties on Shadowsong lie with Wrath of Wisdom, but not all of my characters are in the guild, Pendulus my Holy Priest is one example of that. I was doing VoA25 today, and I got a whisper from somebody who I know has recently started up their own raiding guild by the name of Authority. The conversation was relatively short, the introduction was “we’re looking for a Holy Priest to fill in our raid spots, would you be interested?”. There was no offer of information about the recruiting officer, the raid progress, what would be required of me, not even a mention of “if you want more information than you’re welcome to ask”. So I respond back asking how they found my name, and why they were asking me specifically. No response, just a repeat of the question “would you be interested?”

Now to me that suggests that right there, this particular officer doesn’t care about me as a player, they just want my Guardian Spirit dangling over their tank’s head and my little Renews popping around their awful stand-in-fire DPS. Guilds, of course, recruit for classes too, otherwise you might be stacking 25 Rogues who are all amazing people but not particularly good at raid balance. The impression I got though was that my input or questions were ignored now, so why would they be answered in future. I don’t want to raid to just be a piece of meat for the leader, as a means of progressing the guild’s experiences then being ignored for the other 162 hours a week (assuming 2 raid nights of 3 hours).

When I turned around and said to the officer that recruitment was a two way process, and that I wouldn’t be interested in a guild where I’d just be ignored except for my class, they asked why I didn’t just say ‘no’ in the first place?

Were you not listening to a damn word I just said, Starflex (or whatever your name was)? Two way process. I listen to you, you listen to me. I respect you, you respect me. The very fact you didn’t understand that I was questioning you too for my own feed of communication shows that you are going to be an awful officer, and certainly not someone I want to be.

I’d love to be the recruitment officer for a guild, or even a class leader, because it would mean I could interact with freshers in a way that would be helpful to everybody. The sort of officers that piss me off are the ones that automatically assume you’re wrong just because you might be a bit different. So I didn’t put three points into Elemental Weapons, rather than being told “your spec is wrong sorry we don’t want you”, I want to be asked “what made you put three points elsewhere?”

Sheepless, my recruiting officer at the time, is a Holy Paladin, a class I have a relatively wide knowledge about. When he was recruiting me, I asked him several questions too, just because I could. Any officer that would have shunned me, told me to shut up or that this interview was just about me would have lost my attention right there and then. Sheepless didn’t, he answered my questions, we had a conversation, and I got my guild invite.

So, a toast to Sheepless, the example of how a recruiting officer should be.

A Difficult Find

March 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Wednesday is reset day which means of course that we all get fresh raid lockouts. As a means of trying to stagger our raid progress, Wrath of Wisdom has decided that instead of clearing all of the easy content (Toravon, Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, Gunship Battle, Saurfang, Rotface, Festergut, Blood Princes) in one day then struggling to find sign ups for the next two raid days (because people are too damn lazy to do a few progression raids), we’re going to stagger it a bit so that we do the first quarter of ICC (mandatory) today as well as Blood Princes, then Valithria (and Sindragosa if we get time) on Friday, with Monday being left to Putricide and friends.

Lhuranan wasn’t in today, so I was the only Restoration Shaman in the raid, which also meant that we were one short for our Valithria attempts (since we got Blood Princes down quicker than expected).

However, Blood Princes caused quite a bit of trouble today, for the same reason that the healers struggle every week. A bad link in the chain of what would otherwise be a pretty good circle of healers. Yes, Edicia, yet again, has failed to fulfil what he was supposed to do and caused more wipes than we really should have had. Blood Princes requires two melee tanks (Tomjones and Hellfireblue) and a single ranged tank (Ayk), and it was my job to heal Hellfireblue and Edicia’s job to heal Tomjones. Now, Shaman healers make quite snappy tank healers, especially with the right set of Glyphs. With my trusty Lesser Healing Wave Glyph (20% more healing on targets affected by Earth Shield) and Mana Tide Totem, I managed to heal through the fight with a relatively stable heal pattern (the tank only spiked low a couple of times, which were easily dealt with using Nature’s Swiftness and a Tidal Waved Healing Wave) without running out of mana. Edicia on the other hand, as a Holy Paladin supposedly revered for their tank healing abilities, managed to let his tank die on two consecutive attempts, at which point our healing leader lost her temper and switched our roles over, and then even after he was given the role of healing the easier tank, the damn guy still screwed up and let his tank die!

Now I mean, fair’s fair if he lacked gear or if the tank was particularly squishy, but he’s running around in almost full 264s and our main tank is running around in similar quality gear, which is perfect (if not a shade over) for what’s required for these lower-ICC encounters.

A second point to note, on our Valithria fight, there are six healers (perhaps one too few), and four of them use the portals to the Emerald Dream, myself, Edicia, Lhuranan (though it was one of our Boomkins in Resto off-spec today) and Molotov, our top Druid healer. In every Valithria fight so far, me and Lhuranan always come out on top, skating around 15-20k EHPS, with Molotov a shade under (13-15k) and Edicia about the same. Now, it might just be me but last I checked Paladins were considered the best single target healers around, and skimming through multiple 25 man guild raiding logs across the realm, it’s not uncommon that Holy Paladins end up way on top. So then, why is Edicia falling short by 5k EHPS every time, surely he should be whipping out 50-80k (at least) Holy Lights every second and a half (Beaconed too, I should add) and dominating the meters for healing. Now I’m no meter whore but in a fight where healing is the difference between hitting the enrage and wiping, and clearing it with ten seconds to spare, then the effective healing of each portal hopper is particularly important. The fact that the best single target healer in the game is falling below the jack-of-all-trades master-of-none Shaman clearly highlights that there are some pretty significant problems existing between the chair and the keyboard.

That’s not the only thing, either. He’s loot-obsessed (as my previous post suggests), which means that after every trash or boss pull he takes a five minute AFK break to go check his DKP figures and make sure he has enough to bid on the next item. This wouldn’t be a problem because most of the time there’s no need for six healers on trash pulls, but when he decides to AFK in the upper spire with the Valkyrie’s flying around, it’s starting to become bothersome. He managed to pull one of said Valkyrie’s today, which immediately killed him then charged at the healers and ranged, spawned a bunch of clones and wiped out half of our group. Yay, a combined total of 100g repair bills just because he can’t do some basic mental arithmatic and not AFK in the middle of raids. Even when he’s not pulling agro by being AFK, he’s never ready for the first ready check, he’s standing in the wrong place, he’s not flasked, he’s not buffing/buffed, by some disgrace of god he’s just not with us for raiding.

I want to complain, I so do. I’m not the only person who is starting to lose their temper with him. Tomjones, the main tank he let die twice, messaged me today congratulating me on my healing and confessed that he too thought Edicia was an idiot, and seemed to agree that I should MT heal more often. Esmi, our healing leader, lost her temper over Vent (she has never done that before) today, part of which I’m pretty sure was fueled by the lack of preparation just on his part.

But alas, I’m too downspoken, too new to really have an opinion in the guild. Yes, I’m a full time raider now and I have been for just over a week, but it’s just not my place to say outright how I feel. The best I can do is simply offer to help in every way I can to cover the slack (as if I’m not running my balls to the walls already covering for him, hence the tank healer switching) and hope that the rope that our guild officers are giving him every raid is enough for him to hang himself with.

Part of the problem is that we don’t have anybody else to replace him with. Our recruitment officer and Paladin class leader recently left due to inactivity, meaning that we only have one Holy Paladin in the guild, and the odds of finding one in the current gaming climate seem slim-to-none. It’s not just Paladins we’re suffering to recruit, either, Holy Priests are also in horribly short demand.

What is it with the word ‘Holy’ and ‘retard’ sitting hand in hand? Holy Paladin, look at Edicia for example. Holy Priest, the only Holy Priest we have in the guild is usually mob bait two minutes into any fight, and they spend more time calling for Innervates than actually healing. If only we could recruit one decent Holy Priest and one decent Holy Paladin, we might be able to ditch the slack and get ourselves a decent healing ring.